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How should a percentage be written
How to change the value of a develop tool manually?
Check for invalid settings
What is "Unresponsive script" message

Q: How should a percentage be written

A: The "Relative adjustments" plug-ins uses the Lightroom preset mechanism.
As a consequence all values needs to be written as values.

Sample: 10 percent

  • Good: 10
  • Wrong: 0.1 or 10%
Q: How to change the value of a develop tool manually?

When you use the "Relative adjustments" - percent option you might run into the situation that you want to specify a percentage that is greater than the range of the slider in Lightroom.
For example the Exposure slider has a range from -5 to +5.
Now if you want to add 10%, then you need to change the Exposure/Exposure2012 value to 10. In Lightroom you will not get this done.

A: You can manually change the value of an develop tool setting in a preset.
This is quit simple. The steps below describe this proces with the Exposure slider to be set at 10 as an example.

  • Right click on the preset and select “Show in Explorer” for Windows or “Show in Finder” for the Mac.
    • For Mac:
      • If TextEdit is on your Dock, then drag the preset file to TextEdit.
      • If not, right click on the preset file. In the context menu choose “Open With”, then “Other”. Choose TextEdit.
    • On Windows:
      • Open NotePad.
        • Windows 7:
          You can open Notepad by going to start, Accessories and then NotePad.
        • Windows 8,
          use the search option and type “Notepad”.
      • Now drag the preset file on the NotePad window. It should open.
  • Once the preset file is in your text editor, change the value behind Exposure 2012 and change it to 10.
    Leave the comma behind the value.
    The rest of the file you must leave intact and not change.
  • Now save the preset file and close the text editor.

Q: Why should I use option "Check for invalid settings"

A: All Lightroom plug-ins, like this one, use the Lightroom SDK (Software Developing Kit). This is a library of functions a develop can use.
This SDK contains the function to retrieve the Develop settings of a photo.
In some cases this functions returns -999999 instead of the actual value. This happens for example when you apply Auto-tone and run this plug-in before all changed images have their thumbnails updated.

This option checks whether the photo you selected return -999999 and if so activate the thumbnail generation.
This explains also why this step might takes some time.

Q: What is "Unresponsive script" message

Lightroom LightroomStatistics Unresponsive script
You might run into a message like this one. On Windows and Mac OS-X it might look a little different, but the message is the same: a script, in this case JQuery, takes longer than normal and that's why this message pops up.

A: In order to make the report in the browser better readable and nicer looking we are using the JQuery and Datatables Javascript libraries.
As said, the advantage is a better looking report, however with big reports, the processing time needed for JQuery may take a while.

Your browser may indicate that the JQuery script is "Unresponsive". This is not the case, but it needs more time to render the report.

You get the options to to "Stop script" and "Continue". You can freely choose either option: stop or continue. Nothing goes wrong and certainly not with your photos, because this concerns your browser and not Lightroom.

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