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Managing Virtual Copies

Virtual copies can be a source of problems if you're using LR/RedCart. Here's why:

Imagine that you create a Sub-Gallery with 2 virtual copies of a file and you upload them using the default filename options. If the file's called "MyFile.jpg" then Lightroom will export 2 images, "MyFile.jpg" and "MyFile-2.jpg."

These will be uploaded with these names.

Now add a third virtual copy and export/publish that. Since it's the only one being exported it'll be called "MyFile.jpg".

LR/RedCart will upload this, thus overwriting your original.

Now modify the second one and export - this'll ba called "MyFile.jpg" too. The problem goes on...

This is a limitation of the current RedCart design, and is not an issue that LR/RedCart can resolve.

The solution

If you need to include multiple virtual copies of the same image in a Sub-Gallery, you should give each one a difference "Copy Name" in Lightroom's metadata panel and exporting using that as the filename instead.

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