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Custom Lightroom Plugin Development

The Lightroom plug in that Tim Armes developed for our photo editors at Sony Pictures entertainment provides a critical link in the workflow. It enables our entire team to quickly upload large sets of photos to our digital asset management system. Without this custom plug-in we would not have been able to implement our B2B sites for press as there was no easy way to transfer such large sets in a timely manner.

—Melissa Emery, Sony Pictures

Tim was responsive and followed our spec for our LightRoom plugin exactly. He delivered on budget and before deadline. Our customers love his work.

—Alex Andrew Niesen, PhotoShelter

Tim was able to create a Lightroom plugin to our specfication in a quick time frame. The plugin he created allows photographers to upload direct from lightroom to the FTP servers of, The Network for Freelance Photojournalists.

—Alex McFadyen, Demotix

Timothy created a very useful Lightroom plugin for us that seamlessly works together with our photographer's e-commerce tool. He did a perfect job and we had a nice collaboration!

—Jonathan Stranders, PicturePresent

Tim did a great job developing a publish service for ShootProof. This publish service will allow photographers to improve their workflow and give them back valuable time. He delivered the the plugin on time and with great quality. I recommend him to anyone in the market for custom Lightroom development.

—Robert Swarthout, ShootProof

Here at the Photographer's toolbox I've been creating plugins for Adobe Lightroom since the day that Lightroom first provided the option. Some of those plugins pushed the boundaries of the system so far that I ended up working directly with Adobe to improve the SDK (Software Developers Kit) in order to provide you with even more great features.

My experience in Lightroom plugin development is therefore extensive, and over the last few years I've been called upon to develop a number of custom plugins for companies such as Blurb, Sony, PicturePresent, Stipple, Demotix and Oloneo.

If you'd like to discuss the development of a plugin for your company then please contact me directly so that I can discuss your requirements.

Timothy Armes