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What is the "Find similar file names" plug-in

Do you want to find all the different file type versions of an image, like the RAW, DNG, TIFF, JPEG, ... version? Or are you searching for derivative image files, like your master, black-and-white, web and other versions of an image?
Then this is the plug-in for you!
Select the photos you want to searched for and this plug-in will find images with a similar name.

What's in it for me?

There may be different reasons why you would like to find all derivative image files of an original picture in Lightroom. For example
  1. when you reworked some images with Lightroom what to do with your old master and other derivative image files?
    Do you still need them? Worse, it might turn into a chaos having old and new versions of the same original.
  2. Finding all the different file types of an image, like the RAW, DNG, TIFF and JPEG version.

For the record, it searches for images with a similar file names and it is not based on the content or meta data.

Good Digital Assessment Management practice is to have a naming strategy, see the sections Original and derivative files and File names on the site and the DAM book of Peter Krogh.

How does "Find similar file names" work?

For all selected images in Lightroom search for all images with a similar name

Example, say my image has the file name DAH_20130112_9349.CR2.
The plug-in will extract the first part of the file name: DAH_20130112_9349
Then it will search the Lightroom catalog for all images that have a file name like DAH_20130112_9349*.*

So it will find images like:
  • DAH_20130112_9349.CR2
  • DAH_20130112_9349.JPG,
  • DAH_20130112_9349.TIFF,
  • DAH_20130112_9349.TIFF,
  • DAH_20130112_9349.DNG
  • DAH_20130112_9349_master.TIFF
  • DAH_20130112_9349_web.JPG
  • DAH_20130112_9349_master_BW.TIFF
  • ....


The result of the search for images is stored in 3 Collections in Lightroom, see screenshot below

  1. Source files This collections holds all images you selected as input for the search operation.
  2. All_files_found This collections stores all the images found, inclusive the selected images.
  3. Different_from_Source The difference between the 2 collections = all images found exclusive the selected ones themselves.

Quick guide

Running the plug-in require only 2 steps:
  1. Select the images in Lightroom you want the plug-in to work on
  2. Choose Menu -> Library -> Plug-in Extra -> Find Similar File names
    Choose "Find similar file names"

Pricing and Payment

You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.


Note that VAT will be added for European customers.


US $5.29
UK £4.21
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