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What is the "Photo list importer" plug-in

Do you get lists of selected photos from clients? The challenge is how to transform that list into a selection of photos in Lightroom, without manually copy and pasting them.
This powerful plug-in reads a list of photo file names from a text file or from the clipboard and collects them into a collection called "LRS_Photo_List" for further processing.
Your clients do not have to type the full photo name when using the Folder or Collection filtering. So 108, 123.. for example would be sufficient in combination with (part of) the folder of collection name.

Another application might be searching for photos in Lightroom with a similar file name. For more information, see section "How does "Photo list importer" work?".

Finally, because the search mechanism used is identical to that of the Smart Collection, you can even create a list for example of clients names, or other parts of your file names, see samples below.

YouTube demo

Youtube demo of older version. Explains the functionality. See screenshot below for the new, extra options.

What's in it for me?

This plugin turns a list of (partial) photo file names into a collection in Lightroom for further processing.

If you have clients that send you a list of their choice photos, this plug-in will transform that list in a Lightroom Collection called "LRS_Photo_List" for further processing.

Perhaps you are wedding photographer. After the shoot you publish the photos on your website and have your clients pick those they like. They might send you an e-mail with the names of the photos they choose. Just copy the list with file names from the e-mail, past them into this plug-in and they are ready for further procession in a Collection called "LRS_Photo_List".

Another application is to find all photos in your Lightroom catalog with a similar name like the list provided, see explanation below.


Main screen

Main screen

Configuration settings

On the configuration panel of the plug-in you can specify your default settings.
You can find the configuration panel via the Plug-in manger (menu File -> Plug-in manager) and choose the "Photo list importer" plug-in and open the "Configuration" tab.

See the Quick guide for explanation of these options.

Set your default values

How does "Photo list importer" work?

This plug-in has:
  • 2 input modes
    • from file
    • from clipboard
  • 2 search mechanisms
    • Full path
    • (part of) file name only
  • 2 file / clipboard layouts
    • 1 file name per line (for CSV files)
    • multiple file names per line
  • 2 filter mechanisms (optionally)
    • Filter on Folder name filter (part of is sufficient)
    • Filter on Collection name
Default settings are provided to keep it simple!

2 input modes

This plug-in can read from:

  • Text file
  • Clipboard.

2 search mechanisms

This plug-in can search in 2 different search modes.

  1. Full file path and file name search mode
    This search mode can be used if your list of file names contains the full path and file name of the photo as stored in your Lightroom catalog.
    E:\Photos\2005\07\2005_07_20 Arena\DAH_20120720_0350.JPG
    \Volumes\Pictures\Iceland\Iceland winter 2003\DAH_icelnd001.jpg

    Be careful with commas!
    The plug-in treats commas as a separating character, meaning that the plug-in reads a line until it finds a comma. If you path or file name contains commas, you should put double quotes around it.
  2. (Part of) file name only search mode
    Only the file name or part of the file name, see samples below.
Working with clients and uploading the images to a website they can choose from, the full path and file name in your Lightroom catalog can not be used. For this situation the (Part of) file name only search mode is created.
The "File name only search mode" searches exact the same as with smart collection.

2 file / clipboard layouts

This plug-in can read file names in 2 modes:
  • One file name on each line
    Default this plug-in reads the first file name from each line. The first file name contains all the characters until the first comma on a line.
    When your file or path name contains commas, you should enclose them with double commas!
    Other information may follow the comma, yet this is not processed.

    Sample file or clipboard
    Image 003,
    Image 024,
    Image 029,
    Image 030,
    Image 031,
    Image 037,
    Image 038

  • Multiple file names on a line
    In this mode one line may contain multiple file names on a line, when separated by commas.

    Sample file or clipboard
    Image 003, Image 024,Image 029,Image 030,
    Image 031,Image 037,Image 038,

2 filter mechanisms (optionally)

Client friendly option
This option allows your clients to supply only a small part of the file name, making it very easy for them.
For example, if you shot a wedding of John and Mary and all the photos the couple can select from are in one Folder of Collection, then instead of DAH_20130112_0001 your customers only have to write down for example "0001". Normally there would be many photos with "0001" in the name, but when you supply the the name of the folder or collection, then only the right photos are selected.

When the file names are not unique in your catalog or when you supply a filter:

  • Filter by (part of) the folder / map / directory name
  • filter or (part of) a Regular collection name (not Smart)
These filter are based on Lightroom Smart collections and work exactly the same. Normally only a part is already sufficient.

Sample file name
Search rule Search mechanism
E:\Photos\2005\07\2005_07_20 Arena\DAH_20120720_0350.JPG - Full file name path This specific photo
DAH_20130112_9349.CR2 Contains all File name only Any DAH_20130112_9349.CR2 in your catalog
DAH_20130112_9349 Contains all File name only
  • DAH_20130112_9349.CR2
  • DAH_20130112_9349.JPG,
  • DAH_20130112_9349.TIFF,
  • DAH_20130112_9349.TIFF,
  • DAH_20130112_9349.DNG
  • DAH_20130112_9349_master.TIFF
  • DAH_20130112_9349_web.JPG
  • DAH_20130112_9349_master_BW.TIFF
  • ....
DAH 20130112 9349
with spaces instead of underscore
Contains all File name only Find all images that have -AND- DAH -AND- 20130112 -AND- 9349 in their name
DAH 20130112 9349
with spaces instead of underscore
Contains File name only Find all images that have -EITHER- DAH -EITHER- 20130112 -EITHER- 9349 in their name
This can be a lot of images.
In my case all images that I shoot start with "DAH", so all these images will be found.
DAH 20130112 9349 Start with File name only All images that start with all this file name.
In my case no images are found, because all my images have underscores.
DAH_201301 Start with File name only Finds all photos made by me (DAH) and shot in Janari 2013
02.CR2 End with File name only All images are found that end with "02.CR2" like:
Amazon Contains File name only Will find all photos that have "Amazon" in it.
So when you are working for clients and you have the client name in your file name, you can search for it.
Contains File name only All photos made for Amazon in 2010 or 2011.

For more information on the search rules in Lightroom like contains all, see the Lightroom help.

For more information see our forum.

Default settings:

  • Read from file
  • File name only - contains all
    So without the full path of directories or maps
  • One file name on each different line
  • Folder name - contains all
    Only active together when some folder name is specified
  • Collection name - contains all
    Only active together when some folder name is specified
A valid file list is:
  • Any regular text file
  • File or path names that contain comma's should be surround by double quotes.
This plug-in can read CSV files, however only the first columns is used.


The result of the import is stored in 1 Collections in Lightroom:"LRS_Photo_List"

Pricing and Payment

You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.


Note that VAT will be added for European customers.


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