Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

Simon Maxwell has recently released an incredible 145 (!) book on using Enfuse, and in particular LR/Enfuse, for real estate photography. I highly recommend it to all users of this plugin, whether they user it for real estate photography or for other subjects. Areas covered include:

  • Chapter 1 The Problem: Limits Of A Single Exposure
  • Chapter 2 The Solution: What Enfusing Can Achieve
  • Chapter 3 Shooting Brackets
  • Chapter 4 Creating Enfused Images – With LR/Enfuse
  • Chapter 5 Batch Processing – With LR/Enfuse
  • Chapter 6 Advanced Methods
  • Chapter 7 Enfuse-Flash Hybrid
  • Chapter 8 An Enfuse Shoot From Start To Finish
  • Lightroom Presets

Happy reading!

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