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Integrating a showcase with your site

The easy way

Generally, the ornamentation-free presentation of an Elegance gallery should allow you to provide an excellent viewing experience. Alter the colours and other elements to match that of your site, and then simply provide a link to your gallery.

The user may return using the browser's back button.

The harder way (requires web design experience)

Site designers may choose to embed the gallery in an HTML IFrame element in order to showcase work within the context of an existing site layout.

An example of this technique can be seen by visiting Steven James Scott's gallery.

Rather than displaying the IFrame at all times, you could use something like ShadowBox to display the gallery over the top of your site.

(A gallery by Svarteld)

The hardest way (requires web design experience)

Opening the Elegance.lrwebengine package will reveal a "resources" folder that contains the HTML header and footer used for the gallery. You may create a personalised version of Elegance that provides the same look and feel as your own site.

Pricing and Payment

You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.


Note that VAT will be added for European customers.


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