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Change Log

Version 2.30, 20th February 2012

  • Added Lightroom 4 support.

Version 2.20, 15th December 2011

  • Added sort order options for the galleries. You may now continue to sort using the user sort order, or else choose either 'Filename' or 'Capture Time'. These options are found in the gallery settings - the order displayed in Lightroom has no effect on the published order.
  • Added an option to allow for downloading of the high-res images at their native resolution.
  • When limiting the resolution of the downloadable hi-res file, the upper limit has been raised to 3000px.
  • Fixed a bug where some servers would display Use of undefined constant TIMEOUT_CHECK_ACTIVITY when using password protection.

Version 2.13, 14th December 2011

  • Finally fixed the "Bad argument #" bug that's been plaguing some uses for a long time. A user experiencing the problem managed to track it down to the FTP server path including a symbolic link. I've now worked round the issue.
  • Updated to use the new self update mechanism which can now tell you exactly what's changed since your last update.

Version 2.12, 28th March 2011

  • The full GPS coordinates of an image are now used to link to Google Earth. Previously these values were rounded slightly, resulting in shift of up to 50m from the intended detination. For your culture, note that only WSPP galleries can do this - traditional web galleries (as exported by the web module) can't access the full GPS information...
  • Attempting to turn off annotations on the contact sheet would result in the word "nil" being displayed.

Version 2.11, 15th March 2011

  • Fixed a bug in which the gallery page title would be empty.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the "go back" arrow to return to a missing page when using the gllery index as the main page.
  • Fixed a bug in which the publication of a contact sheet would fail.

Version 2.10, 2nd March 2011

  • Added a special gallery type which isn't display on the site, but which can contain thumbnails that you wish to use for parent gallery sets.

Version 2.09, 19th February 2011

  • The progress bar added in version 2.08 would block the interface during the update of the site. This feedback has now been moved to the top left of the LR interface (along with other progress indications) and the interface can continue to be used.

Version 2.08, 18th February 2011

  • Added a progress bar at the end of the image uploading, during the update of other site files, to belay fears that the plugin had crashed :)
  • Fixed a problem with moving between pages on the contact sheet view
  • Fixed this error: "./LRlib_WebSitePublisher_ServiceProvider.lua:976: bad argument #1 to 'removeExtension' (stringexpected, got nil)"
  • The plugin now bring up an error if you try to publish an image that isn't available (for example, if it's on an external drive that isn't plugged in).

Version 2.07, 18th January 2011

  • Added an option to force the display of thumbnails in a gallery index for protected galleries.
  • The Magnified view in the contact sheet was enabled even when it was turned off.
  • Removal of the last image from a gallery would cause an error.
  • Fixed some display problems in right hand panel of web module.
  • Some empty .php/.html files where being left on the server, and this could cause the server to display a blank page.

Version 2.05, 12th January 2011

  • The resolution of the exported images is now only limited vertically, rather than both vertically and horizontally. Previously this caused problems for panoramic images since they would have have their height restrained such that the width didn't exceed the horizontal resolution (e.g. a panoramic image constrained to 1024px wide may have had a height of just 300px). Once these images were displayed in a 1000px high filmstrip they would look very bad. You'll need to republish any wide images to benefit from this fix.
  • Scrolling of the filmstrip was broken on the iPad/iPhone when the option to block "right-click save" was selected.
  • Improved stabilty and speed of FTP uploading.
  • Fix problems related tothe use of sequence numbers in annotations.
  • The HTML title for galleries that didn't have it explicitly set would be wrong under certain circumstances.
  • Removed support for Jeffrey Frield's Geolocalisation plugin due to Lightroom bug that would cause the upload to hang. It'll be added back in if a solutions is found.

Version 2.01, 10th January 2011

  • The previous release broke gallery links for password protected galleries.

Version 2.00, 7th January 2011

Note: that you may need to update your user templates to remove borders that may unexpectedly appear around certain elements. See below for details.

  • Added a contact sheet view which is ideally suited to client areas.
  • The tags weren't being added to the images in the filmstrip.
  • When using the gallery index as the starting point the back button in the galleries was broken.
  • You can now choose to use the main gallery index page as the starting page for your site.
  • Added various options for positionning the thumbnails on the gallery index pages.
  • Adding a border around the gallery index boxes when they are touching now looks correct (no more doubled up borders)
  • The number of options displayed in one go when designing your page has been significantly reduced. Instead, options for many pages types (gallery index, contact page, gallery...) are only displayed when viewing the page in question. This makes it a lot easier find the option your looking for, and paves the way for upcoming features that would have otherwise overwhelmed the panal rail.
  • Menu options can now have separators between them when the menu is horizontal.
  • Annotations can now make use of the sequence tokens.
  • The date time token (which you may use for annotations) now uses the date that the image was taken as opposed to it's modification date.
  • All the tick boxes for adding outlines to various elements have been removed - instead you should now set the border width to 0. You may need to update your user templates.

Version 1.18, 17th December 2010

  • Blurb/Copy text can now be added to each index page independantly. This text can be defined in the setting for the corresponding gallery set.
  • The breadcrumb bar no longer lists the path to a hidden page. This means that the breadcrumb bar for a client area page will no longer list the main gallery index page at the head, for example.
  • Links placed into the gallery descriptions (as seen on the index pages) using Markdown can now be clicked on.
  • The description text in the gallery index pages is now sized in pixels rather than points for a more consistent cross browser look. You'll need to adjust your templates, but it's worth it :)
  • Misc Page 3 was inaccessible. This has been fixed.
  • There's no longer any need to press or to get newlines when editing the page text from the in info panels (you'll still need to when editing directly on the page itself).

Version 1.17, 10th December 2010

  • Added an option to turn off the annotatons by default.
  • Added an option to each menu item to allow the linked pages to be opened in a new tab/window. This may by useful if you wish to take a visitor to another site without them leaving your site.
  • The top menu bar wasn't centered when given a fixed width.
  • The menu bar was incorrectly fixed in position on non gallery pages.

Version 1.16, 9th December 2010

  • There's now a faster FTP mode that can be turned on in the publish service. This option is most useful for large sites since it avoids the plugin uploading non-image files that it knows haven't changed. Be aware though that the plugin won't be know about of any manual interventions that you might make on the server. If the site seems incomplete or out of date, think to push the new button to reupload everything.
  • The option to use the first image in a gallery as the title image on the index page wasn't correcly choosing the first image. This has been correcty, but note that you must choose "User Order" from the filmstrip for this to take effect.
  • FTP upload to paths that contained spaces was broken.
  • The HTML title for gallery sets wasn't being set correctly.

Version 1.14, 8th December 2010

  • The images in teh stip are now preloaded and faded in the right order. This is much more pleasing to the eye.
  • The index boxes weren't active over their entire surface on Internet Explorer.
  • Using Chrome or Internet Explorer it was no longer possible to browse unprotected galleries that had been exported to disk (once uploaded to a web provided there was no problem).
  • The breadcrumbs bar no longer lists inaccessible sets.
  • The breadcrumbs links to protected sets were broken.
  • The FTP sub folder was being use even if the checkbox had not been ticked.
  • It's now possible see the contact page when browing a site that's been published to disk even when using the default PHP form option.

Version 1.11, 7th December 2010

  • Thumbnails were missing - oops.

Version 1.10, 7th December 2010

  • Sets and galleries can now be password protected.
  • Sets and galleries can now be hidden from the main index. This feature can be used to create client areas.
  • You can now specify that the image used on the index pages shouldn't be displayed in the gallery. You may wish to use this feature to create a virtual copy of a gallery image, then crop it differently for index page.
  • The gallery blurb is now only shown on the main index page (and not the sub galleries).

Version 1.00, 2nd December 2010

  • First public release.

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