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Change Log

Version 1.09, 14th December 2011

  • Finally fixed the "Bad argument #" bug that's been plaguing some uses for a long time. A user experiencing the problem managed to track it down to the FTP server path including a symbolic link. I've now worked round the issue.

Version 1.08, 27th October 2010

  • Fixed a bug which prevented certain operations if the FTP password wasn't saved in the preset.
  • Added a "Replace All" option when overwriting files that already exists on the server.

Version 1.06, 26th October 2010

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the deletion of images from the FTP server.

Version 1.05, 1st July 2010

  • Fixed a bug introduced just before release - the per-collection path information wasn't being respected!
  • Upload didn't work under LR2 (same bug actually)
  • Stopped user from renaming collections in order to avoid falling over a bug in LR3 :(

Version 1.00, 29th June 2010

  • Initial release.

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