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Change Log

Version 1.87, 4th September 2017

  • Fixed for latest versions of Chrome.

Version 1.86, 24th August 2017

  • Fixed for latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Version 1.85, 5th October 2015

  • Fixed for latest version of Chrome.

Version 1.84, 24th January 2013

  • Updated for Firefox 18.

Version 1.83, 27th February 2012

  • The static (non-javascript) HTML files were broken.

Version 1.82, 20th February 2012

  • Added Lightroom 4 support.
  • Fixed corrupted display after rotating to portrait orientation on an iPad/iPhone.

Version 1.74, 7th October 2011

  • The opacity setting for the annotations wasn't working.

Version 1.73, 19th September 2011

  • For some users the gallery was limited to 6 images even once the correct registration code was entered.

Version 1.72, 15th September 2011

  • Support for annotations.
  • Updated to use the new self update mechanism which can now tell you exactly what's changed since your last update.

Version 1.61, 30th March 2011

  • Impact now works under the newly released Internet Explorer 9.

Version 1.60, 20th October 2010

  • The menu bar can now be transparent whilst still showing the menu items.

Version 1.55, 6th September 2010

  • 'Alt' text can now be defined for images (good for search engine optimisation).
  • Auto starting of the slideshow was broken.
  • The dynamic changing of the URL, which allows users to bookmark a specific image, is now optional.
  • Added an option to disable the auto start of the slideshow if the user's gone directly to a specific (bookmarked) image. This is now the default behaviour.

Version 1.51, 3rd September 2010

  • Fix problems with the gallery freezing when the users clicks a dot/square of the current image.
  • Fix an issue whereby an image would pop up in the background when manually sliding an image in Safari/Chrome.

Version 1.50, 23rd August 2010

  • Impact now use hardware accelerated transitions (via CSS animations) on Webkit capable browsers such as recent versions of Safari and Chrome. This results in much smoother transitions.
  • A new version of the underlying HTML should provide slightly better performance on other browsers too.
  • Impact galleries now behave even better on the iPhone and iPad (which also benefit from the new accererated graphics).
  • You can specify different transitions for other browsers. This allows you the possibility of delivering smooth slides when possible and simpler fades in other cases.

Version 1.27, 4th April 2010

  • Fixed a bug that would occur when exporting panoramic images (Lightroom would claim that the image could not be found).

Version 1.26, 4th April 2010

  • Remove 50 image limit.

Version 1.25, 23rd April 2010

  • Bold/Italic options added to menu text.
  • Thumbnails can now be exported for use by XML Auto Index pages.
  • Links to specific gallery images weren't working correctly on the iPhone.
  • Under certain conditions the menu would disappear and not come back.

Version 1.20, 9th April 2010

  • Provide auto-hiding options for the identity plate.
  • When the slideshow is set to start by default, it will no longer start until at least the first 3 images have been proloaded. This helps to avoid sliding into a blank page.
  • Bug fixes related to the slideshow behaviour.

Version 1.19, 31th March 2010

  • Square type position indicators were misplaced on iPhone.

Version 1.18, 30th March 2010

  • It's now possible to specify to what percent of the browser's width or height images will scale to. This may be useful if you want to leave a gap between the images and the edge of the browser.
  • The height of exported images is now restricted to the same value as the width.

Version 1.17, 29th March 2010

  • Added options for clicking in image area - either to do nothing, advance to the next image or else to go to a specific URL.
  • Choosing "Start slideshow automatically" no longer has an effect when previewing within LR. Not only was this annoying but it occassionally provoked an LR crash! The exported gallery will work as expected.
  • Added a sixth menu item.

Version 1.16, 26th March 2010

  • Added cross fades as a transition option.
  • The navigation bar can now have a fixed width (as opposed to being streched across the window). This may be useful to create a central "control" area.
  • The navigation bar can be set to automtically hide after a period without mouse/finger movement.
  • Menu items can be displayed in a column (within the horizontal navigation bar).
  • Left and right padding within the navigation bar can now be adjusted.
  • Slideshow controls are now correctly vertically centered (within the navigation bar) on Internet Explorer.
  • The placement of the position dots should now be far more consistent between browsers.
  • Users of Google Analytics can now enter their ID and have the Google code snippet inserted into the page.
  • Minor big fixes.

Version 1.10, 24th March 2010

  • Added lots of scaling options. Images can now fill the browser window as much as possible without being cropped, or else fill the window's width, or height, or choose automatically based on the image orientation. See the quick guide for more information on the scaling options.
  • Much improved display on the iPhone, especially when used in vertical mode.

Version 1.08, 24th March 2010

  • Menu item No. 4 was broken.

Version 1.07, 23th March 2010

  • Keyboard control may now be optionally disabled.
  • The space key now toggles the slideshow.
  • Keyboard control now works on Internet Explorer and Safari (as well as Firefox, Chrome, ...).

Version 1.06, 20th March 2010

  • Added an option to display small squares with numbers in rather than dots to show the current position in the gallery.
  • Fixed auto update. Sorry, you'll need to update manually for this release (download and replace old plugin).

Version 1.00, 19th March 2010

  • First public release.

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