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Q: How should I setup the plugin to backup my Lightroom configuration?
A: A step by step discussion regarding using the plugin can be found here.

Q: Does the plugin backup my image and video files?
A: No. The plugin backs up the configuration files and catalog backups that Lightroom uses when working with your digital assets, but does not backup the assets themselves.

Q: Does the plugin support backing up presets stored with the catalog?
A: Not yet. We are looking into adding support for Lightroom's Preferences -> Presets -> Store presets with catalog setting, which causes presets to be stored with each catalog but the remaining configuration to be stored centrally, but it has not been implemented at this stage.

Q: Does the plugin support older versions of Lightroom?
A: The latest version of the plugin supports Lightroom version 3 and above. The last version of the plugin with verified support for Lightroom version 2 can be downloaded here (v1.12).

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