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Change Log

Version 2.03, 29th October 2012

  • Work around for a bug introduced in Lightroom 4.2 (resulting in the error "attempt get get field 'getProgressScope'").

Version 2.02, 4th March 2012

  • Under LR4 the Matrix tab wasn't working properly

Version 2.01, 29th March 2011

  • Images that have had their metadata successfully migrated to Lightroom 3's native fields are now added to a collection for perusal.
  • Fixed a bug with choosing "Do not show again" when not wishing to migrate metadata.

Version 2.00, 21st March 2011

  • Full integration with Lightroom 3's native support for a few of the PLUS metadata fields.

Version 1.12, 24th March 2010

  • Fixes a number of errors that can occur when opening the export dialog.

Version 1.00, 1st November 2010

  • First public release.

Version 1.10, 26th February 2010

Important note: This version of PLUS for Lightroom fixes a complex bug concerning the saving and loading of presets. Be aware that all media usage settings (PLUS Pack, Matrix, etc) in any existing presets that you have created will be lost and will need to be recreated. it is recommended that you take note of any existing presets that you have created before upgrading.

  • Multiple PLUS Packs can now be used when creating usage licenses. PLUS for Lightroom is the world's first application to offer this incredibly useful ability. Many thanks to John Harrington for this excellent suggestion.
  • The UI for creating multiple usages in the PLUS Matrix has been substantially improved.
  • A convenient "Today" button has been added next to the Start Date field.
  • Access to the End Date field has been removed from the UI since this has been confusing for users. Each usage has its own end date based on the start date and the usages duration. It doesn't make sense for the user to be able to specify a single global end date.
  • A problem concerning the saving and loading of presets has been fixed.
  • A problem with embedding PLUS metadata fields with new lines characters has been fixed.
  • A problem concerning the creation of the summary file in some circumstances has been fixed.

Version 1.01, 21st January 2010

  • End users requirements were not being enforced with certain PLUS Packs.
  • Under certain circumstances there would be a 'ghost' region defined that couldn't be removed.

Version 1.00, 1st November 2009

  • First public release.

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