LR/Blog – Export directly from Lightroom 2 to your Blog!

lr2blogLR/Blog is my latest export plug-in, allowing you to export your images from Lightroom directly to your blog. Hopefully it will simplify your blogging experience and save you a bit of time.

Like previous plug-ins, LR/Blog is donationware.  This allows the me to donate the time required to develop it.   In its first incarnation it’s very simple; the options are limited and it’s only been tested with WordPress 2.7. LR/Blog needs your help!

Yes, this is your chance to design your own blog exporter plug-in! This plug-in has been released very early in order to garner the feedback necessary to meet your needs. It will undergo rapid development, but I’m going to wait for your comments so that I can make the plug-in as useful as possible for you. Adobe took this approach with Lightroom itself, so I know the community’s up to the challenge!

  • What features would you like to see?
  • What blogs would you like supported?

The plug-in’s been tested with WordPress, but it actually uses the the MetaWebLog standard to upload images, so it should work with other blogs too.  Please let me know.

Wz also need help with the branding ‘banner’ along the top of the export dialog.  Currently it’s utterly dull.  The graphic should be 44 pixels high and no wider than 576 pixels, and it should fade to white on the right hand side.   If you’d like to help out here wecan pass you a PSD template (courtesy of Jeffrey Friedl) that contains the standard green arrow and some important text). The person offering the winning entry gets a free copy of the plug-in :)

Update: Wade Heninger stepped up to the challenge and provided me with a nice masthead banner.  Thanks Wade!

Please leave your ideas and feedback in the comments.

Update 10 Feb 2009:

We’ve just released version 1.15, which adds:

  1. The option of creating a new post directly from the plugin, and have the images embedded within it based on a definable HTML template.
  2. A nice Masthead graphic by Wade Heninger.
  3. Files may now be optionally saved to disk during the export.

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207 Responses to LR/Blog – Export directly from Lightroom 2 to your Blog!

  1. Tim,
    First up, you need to have text box to create writing for the post. Often the image caption is not really post material, so you need a section dedicated to post text. Have a look and see how Flickr handles this.
    Second, you need to access the available categories on the blog. I’m not sure if the API you’re using can do this though.
    all the best,

    • Hi Sean,

      “…a text box to create writing…” – you want to actually write the post in Lightroom?

      Can you explain you categories comment a little more? WordPress doesn’t have categories for images, so I’m not sure what your mean.



      • I suspect that Sean assumes this plugin will send an image directly into a post, and the text box would then be used to type the text entry for the post. That would actually make this an incredibly useful plugin if you could do that!

        • Don says:

          I agree — that would make this plugin exceptionally useful. My blog posts are almost exclusively structured around photos, but have text and tags as well. I’d link to them, but they’re gated. Anyhoo, just wanted to add my vote to this request.

    • Missed the reply Tim, I’ve had family visiting this week.
      Blogger and WordPress allow you to label posts, and the API covers access to these normally.
      If you look at Lightroom news for example, all of the posts have categories. You’re filed under 3rd Party Plugin for example.
      The category is also a link to show all posts labelled with that category-the blog does this, not you!


  2. waywest says:

    Credentials test fails for my TypePad blog, so I guess I’ll have to wait a while to use this one. Hopefully it’ll gain that option soon.

    • Hi,

      If it failed with the “f not found” error then please try again.

      Also, the credential test may fail but the upload may still work. Please let me know….


      • waywest says:

        Tried again Tuesday with new version. While credentials didn’t fail, I did get this new error message:

        “Unable to authenticate. Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain
        Code=76 UserInfo=0x184a4600 “Line 5:
        Opening and ending tag mismatch: META
        line 0 and HEAD”

        Hope that means more to you than it does to me. ;-)

    • My credentials also failed… But I just forgot to write http:// in the first field – now it works….

  3. Peter Witham says:

    I wish you all the best with this plugin, it is a great idea. I look forward to putting it through it’s paces and will try to give useful feedback.

  4. I use WP 2.7, so I’m fine with what you are offering so far.

    Features I would like to see include:
    1. Ability to save a copy to a local drive.
    2. Automatic updates.
    3. I’m currently using the “NextGEN Gallery” plugin, so built in support for that would be ideal. I’m not sure I will continue to use it, but I bet lots of other people are too…
    4. To be able to choose which LR2 metadata to associate with the Title, Caption, and Description fields.
    5. Use with multiple blogs.

    There will likely be more, but this is a great start for now. Thanks for working on what I’m sure will end up being another fantastic plugin!

    • Hi,

      Saving to a local drive isn’t a problem. I’m curious as to why you’d need this though?

      Automatic updates are already supported – check the plugin manager.

      Thanks for your ideas,


      • - I like to keep an exact copy of any image that I submit anywhere online. It just makes it that much easier for me to track my images. I used to do have to do it manually when using the Flickr and Facebook plugins until Jeffrey added it there. Now I’m spoiled and expect it in all export plugins!

        - I just used the automatic updater and it definitely fixed the “…global: f” error, so thanks for that.

        - You may get a lot of comments from people who haven’t enabled “XML-RPC” writing, so you might consider adding that as a step in your installation instructions or the Quick Guide.

    • I’m also using the NextGEN Gallery Plugin like many other ppl do – so I’d also like this to be a feature.

      Multiple blogs would really work nice as well.

      The metadata and keywords also would be nice :-)

      keep up the good work…

    • Multiple blogs also already works.

  5. Peter Witham says:

    When trying to export I get an error that reads

    Unable to Export:
    An internal error has occurred: Access to undefined
    global: f

    I verified that my login was correct for my wordpress hosted blog and that failed as well, but I know they are correct.

  6. Hi Tim, excellent idea here. Some ideas:

    1) Can you make this plugin work in conjunction with (your) other plugins (i.e., LR2/Mogrify) such that Mogrify can do my “framing” and “sizing” while this plugin just takes care of uploading the finished image to my blog as a new post?
    2) Allow this plugin to extract metadata (or other data specified by the owner) to be used in the caption area of the post up on the blog as well as tags for the post.
    3) Allow this plugin to insert lightbox/slingbox/etc. HTML snippets into the post along with the image.
    4) Allow one to specify the upload folder or take the default upload location.

    That’s all I’ve got for now.

  7. Bart Braem says:

    This looks very interesting!
    Support for Drupal blogs or sites in general would be a welcome feature, if the API is feasible.


    • Hi,

      I’ve had a quick look at it seems that the Drupal BlogAPI supports the metaWebLog protocol.

      Please let me know if you can already upload using this plug-in (when set to WordPress)


  8. Hello Tim, very good idea. I’d vote for support. :-)
    Other comments already cover what I’d like to see: categories/keywords, captions, text editor…

  9. Hi all,

    Quite a few of you are asking for the option to create a new post from the plugin. I’d like to understand this request a little better.

    When I use WordPress I write a new post, then grab images I need from the media library. This inserts all the required HTML, including the width/height etc. If I want a smaller image then the resize is handled by WordPress automatically. Given all this, writing a new post from Lightroom itself seems rather restrictive to me, but maybe I’m missing the point?

    I’ve discovered that things weren’t so simple for older WordPress installations – maybe the request is coming from those of you that don’t have it so easy? :)

    One suggestion that I’ve had (thanks Jeffrey) is to offer a template facility that will create a new post prebuilt with links to each image. The template would be user definable and provide access to the metadata in a similar way that LR/Transporter does. This request I can certainly understand. Would this be useful to you?

    • I definitely find the new media gallery better than in previosu versions of WordPress, but it’s still not very good. But that’s beside the point. If I can do everything in one step (ie. export my photos from lightroom and create a new blog entry) all at once, I would much rather do that. The templated approach you have proposed down below sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to see it in action.

  10. I’d appreciate the following functions:
    All this is based on posting the photo to the blog as a post.

    1. Textfield to add a title to the post.
    2. Option to disable comments on the post.
    3. Some kind of added exif-info from the photo(5-10 fields), added to the post together with each photo. Like: Shutter, Aperture, Focal Length, ISO and copyright-info.
    4. Post-tags from the LR-keywords

    If these four excist, it would be a incredible good LR-plugin for bloggers.

    • Hi,

      My current plan is as follows:

      The plugin will create a post with a given title, and maybe some body text. Each photo will be inserted into the post one after the other using a user-definable HTML template. In this way the user can choose to add exif-data, as text, near the image somewhere.

      Post-tags for keywords sounds reasonable if it’s possible.

      At the end of the export it would open up the post’s edit page in your browser so that you can add text, move the images about, etc.

      Any thoughts?


  11. MarkP says:

    Support for Pixelpost would be superb!

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  13. Tim,
    I excited to see you are working on this plugin, as I just redid my secondary photography website as a blog with wordpress. What I’ve found
    in my limited experience with WordPress is that I tag the images and add categories, and my categories match the structure of my Lightroom Collections and my
    tags are exactly the keywords I would use in lightroom. So, for me, being able to have the keywords that I’ve already assigned to my image get automatically associated with
    the tags in WordPress would be fantastic. I don’t see how to get the categories to associated, but I would be content to do that manually unless a pint or two could stimulate
    a creative solution to this. I agree that there needs to be a space for text. Also (perhaps a future version upgrade?) there are WordPress plugins that allow for multiple images in a post, so it would
    be nice to be able to do that from Lightroom.


    • Hi,

      Where are you tagging your images? If I go to the media library and click on an image, I get options for the Caption and Description, but nothing for tagging.

      As for multiple images in a post, that’s exactly what I’m planning. Hopefully there’ll be a version out tonight that’ll do exactly that :)


  14. Tim,

    In WordPress 2.7, in the Dashboard, go to Appearance>Widgets and add a Tag Cloud. I think you will then have the ability to add tags to an entry when
    you create a new post. The tags actually apply to the post itself, not the image, which may be the source of the confusion. I haven’t actually checked to see if
    I get the option to add tags to the post if I disable the tag cloud…


  15. Yes, I think it’s a great idea to develop this as a rudimentary blog posting tool, even if I have to go in later to add text or anything else. I currently used the wordpress for iphone app,
    and it works in very much the same way I would expect your plugin to work. Link:

    To have this feature available directly from Lightroom would be a great new extension for me, since I use my blog to
    showcase new work immediately, rather than waiting to update my professional website.

    Great idea, by the way, and am looking forward to trying this out!



  16. I’ve just released version 1.15, which adds:

    The option of creating a new post directly from the plugin, and have the images embedded within it based on a definable HTML template.
    A nice Masthead graphic by Wade Heninger.
    Files may now be optionally saved to disk during the export.

    Have fun!

    Keep the ideas coming. I’m now looking to attack Blogger.

  17. Looks awesome. I will test it fully tonight.

    As for other platforms… I use Gallery2 to maintain the galleries and post images to one of my blogs. It appears that Gallery2 is also configured for XML-RPC posting. It woudl be very useful to be able to post directly to my albums there from Lightroom as well. It would need functionality to choose which album to post imags to, and also to create additional albums within Gallery2. It woudl definitely require th eability to choose which Lightroom metadata to map to which fields within Gallery2, but I think tha will be standard for any platforms you attack…

  18. I’d love to see this plug-in also beeing able to manage Dupral and Coppermine.

    I’d like to make a donation – where do I find information regarding donation? Can’t seem to find it.

    Thanx for a great tool.

  19. The plugin is working very well for creating blog posts! I now have two new requests:

    1. Can you set it up so that the current HTML Preset can be updated with changes? Currently you have to save a new preset every time changes are made… Alternatively, if the HTML Template presets are stored somewhere I would prefer to edit them in a text editor rather than in the plugin dialog? I looked in the typical preset storage location but I can’t seem to find them there (eg. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom).

    2. Can you set it up so that it overwrites existing files on the server rather than creating new ones? I suppose it should ask whether the user wants to overwrite or create a new file, but the reasons for this request should be fairly obvious (wrong size, quality, watermark, caption, etc from earlier uploads…)

    • Hi Sean,

      I’ll look into the first problem. Currently the work around is to select the preset before you start modifying it, then you can save the changes back.

      The text isn’t easily accessible. The easiest thing to do is to copy it to a text editor, make your changes, then paste it back.

      For the second point I need to look at what’s possible.


      • That’s odd that you have to select the preset first. Rather, it’s odd that it doesn’t remember your selection. It shows the last used information, which is essentialy the same as the selection, but it seems that it should actually remember the selection so that you can automaticlaly save your changes. Anyway, it does work, so that’s really all I was asking for. Thanks for pointing it out.

  20. Love this plug-in. There may be a “bug” in it – or it may be an Adobe-question…..

    When writing text in the contentfield I hit enter to begin writing on a new line, but then the plug-in just uploaded the picture. Hope to be able to hit enter in the content field without uploading so I can change lines when hitting enter :-)

    // Karsten

  21. Laurence Hartwell says:

    Just thought this might help as as an insight into workflow and blogs. I post pictures to my blog (Blogger) almost daily from within Lightroom. I use a preset which includes saving the files to a single folder that conatins all the images I have posted. It dawned on me that I had no record of which images that I had posted so I created a collection – as soon as I have exported to the blog folder (from a temporary collection) I drag the files to the blog collection – LR cleverly adds the new files and ignores an that already exist in the collection.

    • Hi Laurence,

      Thanks for you comments.

      If you keep all the posted photos are in a single folder then why do you need a collection? You can just view the folder instead, no?
      If you really want a colllection you could use a smart collection that includes all the photos in the folder so that you avoid having to update it by hand.

      As for LR2/Blog, it’s now possible to export to disk and upload at the same time, so it won’t break your workflow. Initial support for hosted Blogger accounts (blogs on blogspot) will be out very soon.


      • many thanks for the feedback Tim – and you have just pointed out the obvious to me re ‘why have a collection’!! Have yet to upgrde to LR2 – and will probably wait till LR3 now.

  22. Hi all,

    It’s midnight. I’m tired, ill, and off to bed.

    The good news is that Blogger support is working. I’ve just created my first post to blogger using LR2/Blog. The UI needs tidying up a little before I release, but hopefully there’ll be something to play with tomorrow.

    Some feedback on one point please – I’m uploading to the Picasa Web album that has the same name as the blog – this is what Blogger does. Would you want more flexibility in the choice of album or is it best to hide as much of the nitty gritty as possible?


    • Hi Tim – get well soon!

      About the Picasa Web album thing: if you have more than one blog, each blog gets its own Picasa Web album. I’d vote to stick to the “original” album that is connected with the blog. :-)

  23. Antonio says:

    Hi Tim,

    This is a great and useful plug-in. I will be donating.

    A quick question – what colour profile do you export the images to the blog with? sRGB?


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  25. Hey Tim, I’m really loving this plugin! I’m sure that there are still lots of things you can do with it, but in my opinion the one aspect of it that really needs to be fixed up is the metadata associations. The WordPress media library allows you to include a Title, a Caption, and a Description with each image. It seems obvious to me that metadata from LR should automatically be used to fill in these fields.

    Personally I would send the Title and Caption fields from LR should to the same named fields in WP, and I would probably send my Keywords to the Description field, but I could see how other users might want to use different associations. Ideally if you could allow the user to choose which metadata to associate with each field that would be best. Anyway, I’m assuming that this is all technically feasible, and I really hope you will work on this for the next version!

    • Hi Sean,

      Yes, I’m trying to decide how to handle metadata. I need to think about the UI design, but there’s also the tecnical aspect. It’s definitely possible to update the caption, description and tags on Blogger, but I’m not sure about WordPress. Even the ‘overwrite’ feature was hard to get right.


    • Right, I’ve got good news and bad news.

      Bad news: XML-RPC can’t handle image metadata.
      Good news: WordPress also supports AtomPub, and that can.

      So, I’m now working on supporting AtomPub so that I can transfer the image metadata. I’d have liked to remove XML-RPC altogether to simplify things, but I can’t because of a hiccup. Installations running PHP as a CGI app (such as my own site, to my suprise) can’t authorize AtomPub requests unless the user makes a change to the .htaccess file. This is fine for those that are happy to do such things, but a bit scarey for those that aren’t.

      So I’ll continue to support XML-RPC as well, to improve the out of the box experience.


  26. Thomas says:

    Great idea!

    Here are two changes I’d like to see:

    1. Let me specify the upload URL. My (WordPress) blog’s URL is a subdomain (, it’s directory on my webhoster’s server is a stand-alone directory there (/blog).
    The plug-in however uploads directly into my hoster’s root (/), there creating a folder structure from /wp-content onwards.

    2. A long ongoing problem for me was that I want either one horizontal image or TWO verticals ones (take a look at the blog). Therefore I scale the images appropriately (900×650) and set the code to for all the horizontals and and for each pair of verticals.
    Could you imagine a way of automating this so that I don’t have to hand-tailor the code for each post?

    Thank you!!

    • Hi,

      I actually have no control over the upload location – the image gets passed to WordPress and it puts it in the right place. On mine, for example, it gets put in a upload folder organised by date.

      Your HTML hasn’t shown up. Can you please type in in again using &lt; for < and &gt; for >.

    • Hi,

      You’ll be glad to know that the latest version, which I hope to release this week, will now address (2) above.


  27. Thomas says:

    Sorry, here’s the part where code is missing:

    … and set the code to <img class=”center” … /><p /> for all the horizontals and <img class=”alignleft” … /><p /> and <img class=”alignright” … /><p /> for each pair of verticals.

    Concerning the upload directory:
    In WP’s Miscellaneous section the upload directory was set as ../wp-content/uploads
    I have now changed this to ../blog/wp-content/uploads Now the files get uploaded into the right directory but LR2/Blog creates the images path wrong for the post’s HTML. It creates as a picture path where would be the right pass.

    Last thing (bug?): Each time I invoke the plug-in, the “Export Location” is set to “Temporary Folder” although I had set this to a folder and saved it in the Export Preset.


    • Hi,

      For the first problem I have an idea, but I need to think it through.

      The second problem is a WordPress bug – they return the URL to me. I’m currently implementing the AtomPub protocol; with a bit of luck the bug won’t be there.

      That said, I’ve found several bugs in the AtomPub stuff so far, it’s proving a pain to implement.

  28. Version 1.30 is out for those that want to give it a whirl.

    Metadata upload is working for Blogger and WordPress (over Atom).

    A generic MetaWeblog option is available for other types of blog.

    • I’ve upgraded to the new version and have a couple of problems. When using Atom I can’t authenticate my userid (I have updated my .htaccess), and when trying to use XML I get the following error:

      “Unable to Export:
      An internal error has occurred: Access to undefined global: INFO”

      I tried changing the .htaccess file back, but that didn’t help either.

      • Hi,

        Access to undefined global: INF0 is now fixed.

        I assume that you have Atom activated? If so I’m afraid I can’t help with the Atom problem. It took me ages to get my own one going until I found the web page that I refer to in the FAQ.

  29. Vincent says:

    Will the MetaWeblog option work for TypePad blogs?

  30. Joop Snijder says:

    First of all, a great and very useful plugin. You did it again!

    Do you have plans to integrate the LR2Blog plugin with the LR2Mogrify? I thinks it’s very useful to blog my pictures in the same way I’m used to do with Mogrify.



    • From the LR2/Mogrify main page:

      “In contrast to the original LR/Mogrify for Lightroom 1.3 and above, LR2/Mogrify is implemented as a “post-process” plug-in (new to Lightroom 2.0), allowing it to work in tandem with any export plug-in.”

      That includes LR2/Blog….


  31. Jorge says:

    I am using YAPB (Yet Another Photoblog) for WordPress. It would be great if it could be supported:

    Congratulations on your plugin!

  32. Greg Disch says:

    Tim I really like the plug-in, one thing that I would like to be able to do and don’t know if it could be done, is to be able to upload into an existing post. I am not the most orgranized and I will be working on a post and then decide a need an image for it. I would like to be able to export from Lightroom directly into that post as I am writing it in Wordpres.

  33. Martin says:

    I just found out about the plugin. However when I try to upload a picture an internal error occurs that reads: Only one to level elements is allowed in an XML document. What am I doing wrong?

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  35. Ryan Rowell says:

    Hey Tim,

    Well done again.

    Would love to see a choice of draft or publish, and ability to set post date and time to pre schedule posts into the future.
    Have you figured out how to have the plugin pull data from the blog? ex: the post categories. I would love to be able to assign one or many of my post categories to the post if it will be published.

    Keep up the great work.

  36. Kelly says:

    Tim -

    I installed and uploaded to my wordpress blog with no problems at all..Question though.. I also use Mogrify to add borders and my watermark and I cannot figure out the settings for my watermark… I will be uploading at either 379 x 500 or 500 x 335 so what should I do to get the watermark to show up clearly.? Thanks for all the hardwork.


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  38. shayne lynn says:

    Another vote for pixelpost support!


  39. David says:

    I’ll gladly toss down for this plugin if you can make it play with Typepad.

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  42. Claudius says:

    I belong to the group of people who would love to directly blog out of lightroom. Hence my feature requests:
    (a) it would be incredibly cool if it would be possible to set the tags of the entry directly out of lightroom!

    (b) also great would be to have an option to directly publish the blog entry (instead of saving it as a draft).

    right now, i do not realy understand the metadata options of atom. is there documenation available?

    a really cool plugin! thank you

    • b) should be in the next version.

      I’m considering a)


    • Thomas says:

      Blogging directly out of Lightroom sounds very good. But if you take SEO of your blog only halfway seriously, you need to go back to your blog and work on it anyway (i.e. changing the URL, changing the blog title etc.)

      As long as there is still work to be done in the blog anyway, I can do without the capability of blogging directly from LR.


      • That’s also my feeling. I export directly to the blog and simultaneously create the draft post. LR2/Blog then opens the post for editing automatically so that I can finish it off, preview it, etc. before I publish.

        However, enough people have asked for a “Publish” option that I’ll be adding it.

        There’s a new version coming very soon with a couple of major new features.


  43. nax says:

    Thanks for your great plugins!

    Using LR2/Blog i am getting errors while trying to login.

    The error with atom is “unable to read endpoints” anyone has an clue what’s wrong?
    Trying to connect with xml-rpc, I’m getting an error reading: “Unable to authenticate. ./LRLib_XMLRPC.lua:254: methodResponse node not found”


  44. simon says:

    I get this error or similar, can’t figure out if I should blame the plug-in or myself:
    An internal error has occurred: ./LR2BlogBlogger.lua:513: attempt to concatenate field ‘status’ (a nil value)

    • Bill says:

      Hi Simon,

      Did you ever solve this? I’ve just downloaded the LR2/Blog plugin and am trying to get it to work with blogger – no joy – just getting the same error you had.

      Note that the photos are appearing in my picasa web albums – but not on the blog.

      using all the default values.

      any help appreciated.

      Ta Bill

  45. This plugin is working really well for me and I’m so happy you created it! I have a feature request and a bug report:

    One additional feature I would like to see is to see a field in the metadata panel that shows whether or not a given image has been uploaded using the plugin. Any chance you can add that?

    The bug I’m seeing is that saved presets for the plugin don’t save the Local Export location that I’ve chosen. Rather every time I call up the export dialog box the Export location reverts to “Temporary Folder”. Can you fix it so that my chosen folder is saved as a default rather than defaulting to a temporary folder??

  46. Great job Time! I love this app.

  47. Ben Wilson says:

    I like the idea of connecting directly to WordPress from Lightroom, BUT… I also like having thumbnail images in the blog that open when clicked on with the shadowbox effect. IS there a way to create a thumbnail image from LR2/blog? or is it simply WYSIWYG? Still a great idea and time saver. Ben

  48. Ok, It worked for a while, not working anymore. Get the following error.

    Plug-in error log for plug-in at: E:\Lightroom\Plugins\LR2Blog.lrplugin

    **** Error 1

    This plug-in’s post-processing task did not finish successfully.
    ./LR2BlogExportTask.lua:177: Access to undefined global: prefs

    I had upgraded to LR2.3, not sure what caused it, I also relocated my plugin dir
    to another drive and reinstalled my plugins.


  49. Robbyn Dodd says:

    when i try to export from LR to Blogger there is a message at the bottom of the window saying unable to export, please supply your google username. When I set my blog up, I used my yahoo email. Is that something I need to change before this will work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  50. Volker Hopf says:

    The blogger plugin worked very fine for a few days, but since yesterday it went on strike. When I logon to Google it authenticates and displays the message that it is sorting the blogs and then it stops.
    Posting works fine if I go through normal Webbrowser manually. The same happens to my son’s setup.
    Has anybody else experienced that?


  51. Well it has nothing to do with what ever I had done, ie LR2.3 or plugin dir location.

    It worked this morning. Then stopped working this afternoon, get this error again.

    This plug-in’s post-processing task did not finish successfully.
    ./LR2BlogExportTask.lua:177: Access to undefined global: prefs

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  53. Albert says:

    How can I export a photo to a custom field in my wordpress photoblog???

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  55. The update is working great, no more problems so far.

  56. Jason says:

    Any one care to share a template that will allow me to add the caption automatically to WordPress? I can’t seem to figure out the correct HTML and tokens. My brain hurts!

    : )

    • Terry says:

      I put a {caption} token in the template and leave the caption text box on the lr2blog dialogue empty. This causes my lightroom caption to be place where I want in the posting. I’d like to be able to do the same with title, but can’t get that to work. This is my template.

      {shutterSpeed} {aperture} {isoSpeedRating} {lens} @ {focalLength} {cameraModel}{return}

      • Terry says:

        Whoops – some of the template got stripped when I posted it. the line with the lone “{return
        }” had the img tag.

  57. Patrick says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying out your plugin and it’s pretty cool. Seems like a dumb question but how does someone go about donating? Also, have you thought of setting up a forum for suggesting ideas?

  58. An internal error has occurred:.
    Unable to authenticate. .?LRLib_XMLRPC.lua:162: XML-RPC fault (403) _ Bad loginin/pass combination.

    • Bad login/password…..

      • Darby Alba says:

        I am having the same trouble as Louis – I deleted the plugin, restarted my computer (a macbook pro), reinstalled the plugin, and still I am unable to authenticate. The login and password works in the admin panel in wordpress. It’s a hosted website.

        Any ideas? Did you find a solution Louis?


  59. Nah.. The login/password combo works in the admin panel ?
    So what gives?

  60. Elz says:

    I get no reaction whatsoever if I test credentials with ATOM, however with XML its says ok. But after that, I don’t succed in exporting one single photo. The error says:

    What is wrong?

  61. Terry says:

    I often find that I copy and paste my photo caption to the blog content and photo title to the blog title. I tried putting {title} and {caption} tokens in the relevant fields, but the text was not replaced in the blog post. I think support of token replacement in those fields would be a nice touch. If I want to add to or tweak the text before publication I can do that in Blogger. Thanks for a plug-in.

  62. Hey there – I’ve just started blogging on Blogger and because it’s so cumbersome to add photos, I attempted to work it through Flickr, but without being comfortable with moving HTML around, multiple photos is a bit hard. It would be fantastic to create a grouping of photos to output to a blog…maybe something coupled with Mogrify. Can’t wait to try everything! Thank you.

  63. simon says:

    I’ve used your tool for a couple week and I’m very happy with it. However, since I don’t know very much about html I often miss details like closing tags and such. I therefore suggest that you swith the order of actions, so that the tool first checks the templates for the photos, and after that starts exporting the actual photos. That way the user wouldn’t have to wait for the photos to be exported before the error appears. Also, at the moment I get multiple instances of my photos in my picasa album when I’ve made a mistake in the html. That would also fix itself, I assume, if you rearranged the actions as I suggested.

    • HTML validation’s a nice idea. I’ll add it to my list – but don’t hold your breath, I’ve lots of features planned.

      As for the multiple instances, you can avoid that but clicking the option to overwrite existing photos.


  64. Al says:

    Is there anyway when posting multiple images to only insert the first into the post then make the rest available using [gallery] feature?

  65. Ben Jacobsen says:

    Any chance this could be made to work with NextGen Gallery?

  66. Hi Timothy

    I’ve tried lr2blog and I’m interested in donating to it. However, there are some problems and perhaps you can give me some information. I use WordPress and the latest Lightroom. Uploading images using XML-RPC doesn’t work properly and all quotation marks in the HTML gets stripped. Using Atom keeps the quotation marks but changes the images file names into some meaningless numbers.
    Having the option to add the HTML alt and title text to the image is essential – otherwise the tool wouldn’t make much sense. But this doesn’t seem to work with the XML-RPC method?!

    Look forward to getting some input on these questions.

  67. Jon Stanley says:

    I’m trying to post to my blog from lightroom but all I ever get is the error message “An internal error has occurred: ./LRLib_XMLRPC.lua:284: methodResponse node not found” What am I doing wrong???? I do manage to get a blank upload of the picture in my media gallery though.

  68. Aron Downie says:

    Dear Timothy

    I am a heavy LR2.3 user and am starting a Squarespace site/blog. Any chance I can use this export to one of the squarespace modules.

    Kind regards


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  70. David says:

    Hi Tim,

    I just downloaded and tried the plugin. Some early feedback: I am having a problem getting the append to work with WordPress. The error I get is:

    Unable To Export
    An internal error has occurred: ./LR2BlogBlogger.lua:741:attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)

    The result is an overwrite on the post I am appending to. So infact an export is made but is treated as a replacement for the post.

  71. Michael says:

    Hi Tim,

    Great plugin.

    FYI, I too get the above error that David reported when appending photos to an existing post.

    And a minor suggestion…the ability to upload multiple sizes for each image. In my blog I use a medium 400×400 size image, with a hyperlink to lightbox to display a bigger size image 800×800. The ability to ensure both sizes are uploaded would be great!


  72. Bengt says:


    For some reason this plugin seems to cut my post then i use a special caracter like åäö

  73. Michael says:

    Hi. When I enter special characters like “&”, “>” and “>” in LR2 caption area for the image and then try to export the plugin says “Unable to export: Unable to create post (400)”. The problem does not appear when I enter theese characters in LR2/Blog export plugin for “Blog Title” or “Content”. Neither it appears when I enter HTML abbreviation in LR2 “caption” for special chars like “>”. Can you tell me where is the problem?
    I need to enter simply the chars, but not their HTML abbreviations.
    P.S. I’m publishing posts via atom protocol and in php publishing function i’ve appeneded title to post content in order to figure how wordpress will handle special chars itself. No errors if no special chars in “caption” but they are available in “title” and then appended.

  74. Terry says:

    I would like a feature that would do the following. Post a larger image to a picasaweb album and then link the blog image to the larger version automatically. The title and caption could be used as well, but as I suggested in my other comment, I would also like the tokens for {title} and {caption} to be supported in those fields. for this to work the best.

  75. Michael says:

    Have you had a chance to test this on WordPress 2.8 which was just officially released?

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  77. Glenn says:

    I’ve been trying to use the plugin. I have a blog on blogger. but i get the message: Internal LR2/BLog error …unable to retrieve user name from Picasa Web.

    But I can login, using same login information, directly into blogger.



    • Hi,

      Images sent to Blogger are actually stored in your PicassaWeb account (even if you didn’t know you had one :) Can you try visiting your picassaweb account, then try again?


  78. Glenn says:

    Wow Tim. Had NO idea. I had to activate it, and now I can post, but the pictures go to the picasa album, and are not visible on my blogger blog. Odd again..

  79. Kyle says:

    OK, I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but…

    You have obviously designed this plugin with online/web-based blog engines in mind. I’m wondering if you could add support for Rapidweaver blogs. For those unfamiliar, Rapidweaver is a Mac-only website creation tool (similar in concept but not in implementation to Dreamweaver et al.) published by Realmacsoftware ( Realmacsoftware has (from what I’ve briefly read) published an API and/or a file format spec. Obviously, this support would be Mac-specific but there are a whole lot of us Rapidweaver users out there.

    Is there even a snowball’s chance in Hell?

  80. Tim, you rock. I spent all day trying to figure out how to easily post a photo-a-day without logging in to my blog and then finally stumbled across this (I already use the LR-Smugmug export).

    I’m using the latest WP and LR. When I export, it creates a draft, not a published post. Is this a WordPress issue or is there something in the plugin that I need to activate? I’m using XML instead of ATOM. Also, in the future, being able to select categories for WP when exporting from LR would be great. Right now I’m using a WP filter plugin, but it will only run if the post is published in full, not just a draft.

    I’m also linking my POTD (pic of the day) back to my smugmug gallery (which uses your smugmug export tool). Someday I’ll figure out how to have one export action that does both and satisfies my desire to not sit at my computer all day.

    Thanks again Tim and let me know if there’s a way around the draft vs. publish issue I’m having.

  81. Ian Fuller says:


    You have probably haard this before, but please could you make Lr2Blog remember my blog’s login information always. If I use Lr2Blog all the time it remembers it even after a shut down and restart Lightroom. But if I switch to another export add-in and then switch back Lr2Blog has forgotten it.

    Jeff Friedl’s uploaders for Flickr, Picasa etc. manage to keep the information, but I haven’t looked where they store it and if it is secure.

    While you are at it, please consider supporting multiple blogs with persistent login information. Again Jeff supports multiple Flickr accounts so it should be possible.

    Thanks. I find your tool very useful to upload to WordPress.

  82. hedac says:

    I would LOVE to export directly to DRUPAL
    as a node with the image being a CCK imagefield

  83. Adam says:

    Great idea. Can I post straight without any trip to blogger to publish? I know– I am that lazy.

  84. Stefan says:

    First of all LR2/Blog works fine with WP 2.8 here, so I think it will do so everywhere.

    My current problem is different:
    I want to create a template for my postings, to use Lightview displaying my pictures. So far I have created a new template with a href anchor around the img tag, to let Lightview display the image.


    Now I want to reduce the width and height values to a value, that the width will fit my WordPress template. Ok, I can set the width and heigth to a fixed value for landscape pictures, but then portrait pictures will look awful because of the wrong ratio.


    So I need to check, if the picture is in landscape or portrait format and use the correct values then. It would be nice, if this will be possible through LR2/Blog using some logic or arithmetic. I can use different templates for this as well, but what happens to posts with 2 or more pictures with different orientations?

    Another solution would be to let LR2/Blog create a thumbnail first for the blog article, referencing to the full picture then.

    Do you have any other ideas?

  85. Tim Gernert says:

    Unable to get LR2/Blog plugin to work. Does it work wit the 64bit version?

  86. Stefan says:


    is there a possibility to by this plug-in without using pay pal?


    • You don’t need PayPal, you can just use a credit card. In this case the payment is processed by PayPal, but you don’t need an account with them.


  87. Frank says:

    Hi Timothy,

    we us in the past Windows Writer (offline Blogger from MS) and Google Blogger + Picasa. Now we are converted to Mac systems and Lightroom 2.4 with your LR2/Blogger Plugin

    Helpful would be the following functions

    - Simultaneous Send to a Picasa (or Flickr) account (with other settings – Image Size)

    - multiple images (and text per image) at the same time and the same blog

    just a light Windows Writer

    thanks for your great development


  88. Martin says:

    pretty amazing plug! – will play more with it during the next days.

    And (no kudos without requests and whining, *lol*) I’d like to second a suggestion someone made earlier this year:
    Wordpress internal gallery functions are still quite a bit, err, “limited”. So many folks including me use nextgen gallery whenever there is need for more than a single pic in a post…

    any intentions to include support for this or any other WP gallery plugin?
    Cheers & big thanks!

  89. Matt says:

    Hi, first of all great job on the plugin, I’m using it on my trip and it’s a really handy to update my blogger.
    But recently I got into a problem. I’m using a gps unit on my nikon camera to geotag all my pics. Your plugin provides tokens to insert that data into html. The thing is the {gps} token works, but all the other gps related tokens don’t work. I fail to export if I use any of those tokens and i get a popup woth the following error:
    unable to export;
    An internal error has occurred: ./LR2BlogTokens.lua;253: attempt to gt length of global ‘value’ (a number value)

    I need those tokens because I want to generate a google maps url that contains those decimal gps tokens.
    Can you help me out?



  90. I don’t know why but now I can’t use the program any longer…. The error says: “Unable to authenticate. ./LRLib_XMLRPC.lua:172: Error: unknown: The Connection with the server was terminated abnormally.

  91. Tried inserting xmlrpc.php but does not help me…. :-(

  92. Matt Kwok says:

    I’ve been using your plugins for a while (facbook and mogrify) . I Love all of them! Check my blog out as I just tested the blog export.

  93. Is it possible for each image in the upload to be treated as a separate post? I.e. Upload three images and have three separate posts?


  94. One last question. Is it possible to add a custom field and custom field text that would be the url of the image? I.e. Upload three images and they are treated as three separate posts with the custom field ‘image’ and ‘image’ text being the url of the image. I’m using the Photo Nexus wordpress theme and the galleries treat each image as a separate post. It’s a pain if you have a lot of images.


  95. Ben says:

    Anyone have any idea whether this works with the PixelPost platform?

  96. jim boles says:

    Could someone plz post a few links of the LR2/Blog working in a Blogger blog.
    I’d like to see examples.


  97. sharon says:

    Thanks for the great plug in! I am wondering if you can add in the future, I way to have presets for your blog or blogs. If I choose to export using a preset, my blog info is deleted when I come back. Also I have more than one blog ad would like to have different presets or even a way to remember the login info for them. Thank you!

  98. Terry says:

    Sharon – the standard export presets work great with LR2Blog. I post to two different blogs using the plugin – I have a preset for each one.

  99. Terry says:

    Jim, I have been using LR2/Blog from my daily photo post for a couple of months now. see for an example. Most of the posts are produced straight from my template. Works well.
    My next task is to modify my blogger template so I can post images wider than 400px. Also on June 10 above, I posted a suggestion for implementing a click through to a larger version of the image.

  100. Mike Criss says:

    I am not an html expert, but this is how I upload a 1024 X 680 image from lightroom, display it as a 500 X 333 image in my blog. When clicked it opens as the original 1024 version.


  101. Rhys says:


    I am having problems with the file renaming, and description population. Im using WordPress/Atom.

    here is a screenshot of my setup:

    and this is the result:
    • filename and description is just the same random letters (im guessing a replacement for no data found)



  102. Trevin says:

    Woudl be great it Tumblr support was added. I’m likely using that for a photoblog and doing a direct export from LR would be a huge timesaver.

  103. Stéphane says:

    Hi Tim,

    I use dotclear blog engine . xml/rpc interface is Movable Type blog. Can you implement Movable Type blog interface ?

    Thank a lot


  104. Remco says:

    When I upload a picture to my Google blog with no additional settings it posts the picture as its original size. This is way too big and does not show the complete picture on my blog. When I specify {url[300]} it is able to show the entire picture on my blog, but I can not click on it to make it bigger. What do I need to specify so it shows a thumbnail image on my blog and when users click on it the picture will enlarger?

  105. I’d like to know the same; enlarge with click, and using LR2/blog. Possible?

    Thanks /Peter

  106. Tobia says:

    Hi- Great pluggin- I use it often. Any plans to make an LR3 version in the works? I know that LR3 is just in the beta phase- any workaround to get it to work in there? Thanks!

  107. m,w, says:

    does your artisan page (
    use this Plug-in?
    or this plug-in can simply let LR to ‘wrap’ all my photos and upload to wordpress(self-host) to play as a flash slide show like your page?(

  108. Marco says:

    Thanks for creating such a useful plug-in.
    I’ve got one question: Is it possible to use html comments () in the blogpost template? It’s left out in the generated blogger post.
    I’d like to use the (new) feature.



  109. Robin says:

    have downloaded and installed LR2blog, set up in export preset, will not uload photos……says plugin working in plugin manager….is making copies to export as with e mail but does not prompt to upload to blogger. I do have a registration #. Where do I go from here to figure out what’s wrong? TY

  110. Volker Hopf says:

    Hi Timothy,
    do you have any timeline for supporting LR3?

    Best regards


    • Hi,

      All my plugins will have LR3 support when its released. Some of them already work on the beta but others don’t due to bugs that I can’t workaround in (in the beta, not in the plugins)


  111. Rob says:

    Quick heads up for anyone else out there that got this error: disabling the SlidePress plugin (in WordPress) fixed the issue.

    Random, and quite annoying as I needed that!

  112. Hi Tim,

    Would it be possible to export the title and the caption from Lightroom into wordpress?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    • Hi. This is possible using the token fetaures.


      • I really love the Plugin!

        I understand how to embed title and caption in the HTML for each photo – but in WordPress the file is uploaded to the Media library and that library also contains a Title (is currently set as the wp-filenamne from LR2Blog) and Caption field.
        Is there a way to isntruct the plugin to set these fields according to the Title and Caption of the LR database?


  113. what about support for Facebook? Or is that considered ‘out of scope’ for this plugin?

  114. Camille says:

    Tumblr support would be nice!

  115. ToddM says:

    Hey Tim,

    Is there any way to incorporate the {DaysSince=YYYY-MM-DD} token that Jeffrey Friedl uses in his plugin templates?


  116. Søren Wind says:

    Is it possible to make this plugin use the – photo taken date – as the WP Published on – date ?

  117. Rupert says:

    I just got in contact with Jeffrey Friedl and he pointed me to this exporter because i want a TUMBLR EXPORTER!
    It would make my life, and clearly a few other of your users lives, heaps easier.

  118. Hello Tim,

    This plug In is great! Thanks!

    I have been doing an “Image of the Day” on my blog. Is there a way using this plugin to select a group of images and have the plugin create a new post for each individual image? Also having control over the publish date to make it publish on proceeding days for each image would be SO GREAT!

    Much thanks!
    Peter Holcombe

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  120. Thank you! As I just wrote on my blog: “I’m kicking myself for not having used this very nice plug-in for Lightroom. It makes it ridiculously easy to create blog posts directly from Lightroom”. Wish I had tried LR2/Blog earlier. Here is my first post using it:

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  122. Support for XML-RPC – MovableType API

  123. Wessel says:

    Hi Tim,

    I’m using your plugin regularly It’s great.
    One addition I would like to see is to add a picture to a blog post as a featured image instead of putting the image in the post.
    Just an overall checkbox for this will do :) .

    Best regards,

  124. Jason says:


    Thank you for your plugins!!! They are so great. I was wondering if it would be possible to choose which album your uploaded photos are placed into in PicasaWeb before they are uploaded to the new post?



  125. Bill Millios says:

    I love this plug-in, and use it often. However, I manage multiple blogs. I need multi-blog capability, so I don’t have to re-enter all the blog info every time I switch to a different one.

    I don’t know how many other photographers upload photos to multiple blogs – but it’s a great marketing feature when shooting for customers – “I can upload directly to your blog, put in a placeholder article, you can put in the text and publish when you’re ready.”

    • PhoBox says:

      Hi Bill,

      There’s no need to fill in the information each time – just create an export preset from the left hand side of the export dialog.


  126. Katja says:


    Your pluggin is BRILLIANT! It really eases the workflow, fantastic.

    one more vote for the image keywords going directly to the wordpress keywords box … :-)

    and another one: possibility to add custom field with token content …

    great work man!

  127. Katja says:

    oh and another one … it would be nice to have that feature under the publication tab …

  128. Hi Tim!

    As a professional photographer, I spend countless hours everyday in Lightroom. When posting to a blog, the last thing I want to do is spend hours formatting and importing images; this plugin works fantastically and really integrates well into my workflow. Any professional photographer using Lightroom and WordPress should consider this plugin!

  129. Dito says:

    I’m currently developing a gallery template/plugin for wordpress and I’m working with custom post types to realize a advanced gallery. While doing that I was looking for a solution to upload my images directly from lightroom and I found your Plugin. Long story short it’s amazing, but have you ever considered to support custom post types, introduced with WP 3.0 currently it’s only possible to create a post but in my case the custom post is called gallery. That would be great, let me know if this is possible and I would love to use the Plugin after it’s implemented.


  130. Rafal says:

    Awesome plugin, I use it with wordpress.

    I would really love to see these features:
    1. image shooting date to “Publish on:” date
    2. Token(s) to Post Tag(s)
    3. “set as featured image” check box
    4. Category check boxes

  131. Nice plugin. However it would be a huge time saver if the following could be included:
    1. Keywords to WordPress Tags
    2. Select the WordPress Image size to include in the Post. Usually this is smaller than the lightbox version.
    3. Set Feature Image checkbox.

    Optionally, the Categories would also be nice.