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Star Trail blending with LR/Enfuse

Scott Martin recently contacted us to tell us that he uses LR/Enfuse for blending star trail exposures. To get full star trail images the exposure needs to be extremely long, however each individual shot is usually limited to a shorter … Continue reading

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LR/Enfuse 4.00 released

We’ve just released a major upgrade to our LR/Enfuse plugin. This plugin can be used to blend multiple exposures of a scene in order to create an image with greater apparent dynamic range.  Exposure blending is similar to HDR, but … Continue reading

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Syncomatic 1.21

Syncomatic 1.21 is an update that allows the user to synchronise the metadata of large numbers of files where their names are almost the same: The originals are 100703_0123 Jones wedding.nef… Photoshop layered files are 100703_0123 Jones wedding Layered.nef … … Continue reading

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LR/Mogrify 2 & Lightroom 3

We thought it would be useful to look at how LR/Mogrify 2 can complement Lightroom 3′s new built-in watermarking features. It’s great that Lightroom now includes proper watermarking as part of its feature set, and since it’s built right into Lightroom … Continue reading

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We’ve just released a new plugin from John Beardsworth – Syncomatic. Syncomatic is a useful Lightroom 3 plug-in that can be used to synchronise metadata between pairs of files whose names are identical but where the file types differ. For … Continue reading

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Keyboard Tamer 1.10 – direct keyboard access to develop sliders (nearly)

Following the initial release of Keyboard Tamer there were many requests from people who wished to have direct keyboard access to each develop slider. Unfortunately Lightroom doesn’t provide for this so Keyboard Tamer can’t solve the problem in the same way … Continue reading

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Welcome to John Beardsworth

The Photographer’s Toolbox is now distributing plugins by John Beardsworth.  For the moment we have Locktastic and the very useful Search Replace Transfer with more coming soon… Welcome abord John!

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