LR/Enfuse 4.00 released

We’ve just released a major upgrade to our LR/Enfuse plugin.

This plugin can be used to blend multiple exposures of a scene in order to create an image with greater apparent dynamic range.  Exposure blending is similar to HDR, but the results are most often far more natural.

Here are the highlights:

  • LR/Enfuse now uses (and requires) Enfuse version 4.  This is the latest version of Enfuse and offers niceties such as multi-processor support for improved performance.
  • The installation procedure has been greatly simplified.  Users no longer need to download and install the third party applications themselves, the plugin can do this for them.
  • LR/Enfuse now supports blending of focus stacks!

If you upgrade then be aware that you’ll need to have the plugin reinstall Enfuse for you.

Have fun!

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2 Responses to LR/Enfuse 4.00 released

  1. *stax says:

    After a time without processing HDR/DRI images i started again, now with Lightroom3 and LR/Enfuse4.
    Convenient installation of enfuse + image align and specially i enjoyed the improved workflow.
    Good work.

  2. gLOW-x says:

    Exposure fusion and HDR (common term for HDR tone mapping), are not the same thing.

    That’s why most HDR softwares take a lot of time to create the intermediary 32bits HDR image, not Enfuse or Photomatix in exposure fusion mode.
    Exposure fusion select the well exposed pixels from each picture, it doesn’t create an HDR image.
    It directly create an LDR (Low Dynamic Range) picture.
    That’s why it is a lot faster and natural looking (no halo, no over saturation, no micro-contrast…)

    ppl doing interiors and such “prone to halos” pictures should use exposure fusion, not HDR (in the tone mapping sense).

    If you still like natural HDR, SNS HDR seems the best.Even if it takes ages to create the HDR tone mapping ;)
    It is so natural some ppl think it is exposure fusion…but it is not.

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