List View 1.60

I’ve just released ListView 1.60 with a series of significant changes and improvements:

  • Easier to change data displayed
    • Click the triangle in the column header
    • A new dialog box replaces the previous long drop down lists
  • Display and output Develop fields
    • Slows down performance (there’s no batch access)
    • Freely mix Develop data with
    • Sort by Develop data
    • Save sorted items to a collection (the sort is in the “user order”)
  • Display and output various other fields
    • Video
    • Folder paths
    • Pick flags
    • Edit count and time
  • Completely new floating “File Info” panel (shown right)
    • Only available in Lightroom 4
    • Displays info about same 10 fields as List View
    • Floats, so you can move from file to file in grid view or the filmstrip
    • Display more EXIF info while you’re working in Develop
    • Put it on a second monitor
  • Two additional panels for Metadata
    • A File Info panel including folders, file size
    • One bringing together copyright and other minimal data entry
  • Save export data to location other than the desktop
    • It’s a preference in Plug-In Manager
  • A lot more logging
    • So much more that it really slows things down
    • Switch it on when (if) you need it

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