LR/GMail 1.40 released

A few users of LR/GMail have recently reported problems with the plugin no longer connecting to Google’s servers.

Fear not, I’ve been working like a madman to find a solution. The latest version of LR/GMail now uses an entirely new way of connecting to the server that should solve these issues, and a number of other ones too.

Now, you may be wondering why people would use a plugin to send emails rather than using the built-in support that’s been available since Lightroom 4. Well, LR/GMail provides a number of niceties you don’t otherwise get:

  • The plugin also accesses your contact list to provide auto-completion of your contacts as you add them to the To, Cc and Bcc fields.
  • The plugin stores information on which images have been sent via LR/GMail (so that you can filter them).
  • The plugin stores a list of recipients to whom each photos has been sent (accesssed from Lightroom’s metadata panel). This gives you tracabilty for future reference.

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