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Q: Why are you now asking for a donation when it was free before?
A: I've always asked for a donation, however it was previously discretionary. LR/Mogrify's now a far more complete product than it was ever intended to be and as a result it's being download a lot. I'm constantly being solicted for new features or for support. It's all taking a lot of my time and I can't justify the time spent away from my own work unless I ask for a donation. I feel that this is reasonable.

Q: Once I've donated do I have to donate again to get updates?
A: No, all future updates will be free.

Q: Is LR/Mogrify comptatible with both PC and Mac?
A: It should be, yes. However I only have a Mac to test on, and my trial verion of VMWare Fusion has expired...

Q: Do I need to install ImageMagick to use this plugin?
A: On a PC, yes. On a Mac, no (as of version 3.50).

Q: How do I access the plugin?
A: Press Lightroom's "Export" button and then choose LR/Mogrify from the top of the export dialog.

Q: Why is this plugin useful?
A: It's useful if you need to post process your images using ImageMagick! My main motivation for writing this plugin was to allow me to prepare my stock images for Alamy. Alamy require that all images be resized to a minimum of 48Mb, and this isn't possible using Lighroom's standard export dialog. Output sharpening, graphical watermarking and simple outline borders are also useful features that can't be acheived using Lightroom's standard interface.

Q: I'm an Alamy user. How should I configure LR/Mogrify?
A: Export TIFF images from Lightroom. Resize to a total number of 16.1MPixels using the LR/Mogrify resize section, and convert to a JPEG at 95% quality using the LR/Mogrify format section. Note that 48Mb = 16MPixels, however Mogrify's syntax only allows you to upsize to a maximum number of pixels as opposed to the minimum 16MPixels that are required. That's why I say 16.1MPixels.

Q: What else can Mogrify do?
A: Use Mogrify to resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more. Read the Mogrify usage guide for more information.

Q: Which of Mogrify's features are available?
A: All of them are available through the command line parameters option. Please see the quick guide to see which features have a user interface.

Q: Can you expose more of Mogrify's feature through the user interface?
A: Probably. Please contact me.

Q: How do I select a font? Where do I look?
A: Mac users should look in /Library/Fonts or <Username>/Library/Fonts. As from version 2.50 Windows users can simply choose a font from the list.

Q: I'm trying to overlay a text annotation, but I'm not getting any text. What's happening?
A: Due to a number of issues, ImageMagick can't render all font types. This will mostly affect Mac users. Try a different font (ttf fonts should always work). Mac users should note in particular that the MacPorts installation will be able to render more font types that the binary distribution.

Q: I've found a bug, how should I report it?
A: Please contact me.

Q: I've made a modification that might interest you...
A: Please contact me.

Q: How do I use Mogrify?
A: Please don't contact me! Contact ImageMagick's support.

Q: What's this sigma thing in the unsharp mask? What doesn't radius behave like I'd expect?
A: See, that's an ImageMagick question. Just this once, I'll tell you were to look.

Q: On Windows a black window pops up briefly for each exported file. What's going on?
A: This is a problem that has been fixed in Lightroom 2.0

Download LR/Mogrify
(Version 3.97)

PC users also need to download and install ImageMagick.

This is a donationware product. To unlock the full functionality the author requests that you make a donation to support future development.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.

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