Exporting KML files from Lightroom using LR/Transporter

LR/Transporter‘s ability to flexibly export metadata from Lightroom opens up all sorts of potential for those willing to invest a little time.

Bernhard Weichel contacted me a while ago to ask me if I’d add a couple of tokens to LR/Transporter so that he could use it to export KML files directly from Lightroom for importation into Google Maps. He blogged about his successful results last October and has now released his preset for general consumption.

(As an aside, note that LR/Transporter plays nicely with Jeffrey Friedl’s excellent Geotagging plugin. Use of the tokens for accessing the GPS data will first try to use the data stored by Jeffrey’s plugin and will fall back on the EXIF data in other cases).

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3 Responses to Exporting KML files from Lightroom using LR/Transporter

  1. FWIW, you can export an KLM file for a tracklog (or set of tracklogs) from the Geoencode Dialog of my plugin. It’s a different beast from what you can do with LR/Transporter because it’s exporting data on the tracklog and with LR/Transporter you’d be exporting data on photos. You can also select a bunch of geoencoded photos and invoke “File > Plugin Extras > View Locations in Google Earth” to open up all the photos in Google Earth, but the results with mine are not as nice as what Bernhard has done.

  2. I get the follow error on export:

    Unable to Export:
    an internal error has occurred:./LRTransporterExportTask.lua:191:bad argument#1 to ‘child’ (string expected got, null)

  3. Brian Wilkie says:

    I had the exact same problem. I solved it by using textedit (I am on a MAC) to copy the summary file script from the preset I downloaded from Bernhard. I then re-created the same set-up in Treansporter, pasting the KML header, body, and footer back into the appropriate spots. I am not smart enough to understand the original problem, but it may be related to the location of the various preset files. In any case just save this new set-up as a new preset and it should work just fine.