Finding images listed in a text file using LR/Transporter

Victoria Bampton recently came to us with a problem facing a number of Lightroom users. It seems that many online ordering cart systems will provide a text file with a list of the files that the customer has chosen. Particularly for large orders like weddings, it can take a long time to manually select all of the images in Lightroom ready for ordering.

Version 4.00 of our LR/Transporter plug-in now addresses this problem by reading that text file and marking the files for you based on flexible filename matching rules. You can then find them again using the metadata filter. More details of the process can be seen in the quick guide.

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2 Responses to Finding images listed in a text file using LR/Transporter

  1. Thomas says:

    Timothy, would it be possible to export a keyword list, translate it into another language (like german) and reimport the translated keywords to the original images?

    • Hi,

      This is sort of possible. Plug-ins can’t access the LR keywords yet, so LR/Transporter has it’s own totally independant keyword field to allow this sort of operation. You would need to:

      1) Export the keywords for each image
      2) Translate them
      3) Reimport them into the LR/Transporter keyword field (using LR/Transporter’s metadata import function)

      Then, to export with these keywords you’d to activate the LR/Transporter post-process function that will add these keywords to the exported file.

      If you want to have the keywords viewed as ‘real’ keywords from LR, you’d then have to reimport the exported photos.