6 Responses to PLUS for Lightroom – Manage your rights….

  1. This is a genial plugin. I have been a PLUS member for almost a year and I am happy to have found the plugin (via David Riecks). It will save me much time.

    (For some reason, the second QT video does not run to completion. It stops about halfway. The first and third appear to be fine.)

  2. Ann says:

    I also found your plug-in through David Rieck’s Controlled Vocabulary group and just watched your tutorial (http://photographers-toolbox.com/products/plusforlightroom.php?sec=manual) to learn more about the PLUS plug-in. I have a question about customizing the licensing agreements. Is is possible to save a customized licensing agreement as a template that could be updated per job?

  3. Hi Timothy,

    First – love your plugins, great stuff, my workflow would be significantly slower without them!

    A question about metadata presets and the PLUS plugin when used in Lightroom 3:

    When I edit the metadata in LR3, in the IPTC Extension section, I can edit/add more than one “Image Creator” and “Copyright Owner”, both identified by two items, the PLUS Id and the name, and one or more licensors, each identified by a full name/address structure.

    When I then swith to your plugin. to “All PLUS for Lightroom fields”, I have very diffent information, for example only one PLUS Id for the image creator, but, if I understand it correctly, three name fields.

    Not only are the structures different, information entered into one PLUS preset seems to be invisble/not existent in the other (okay, “IPTC Extended”) preset.

    Am I right in thinking that the PLUS plugin still has the Lightroom 2 user in mind, and has not been adapted to live with LR3′s “IPTC Extended” structures?

    If yes, will there be an update for the PLUS plugin?



  4. Hi,

    Effectively, the plugin doesn’t yet know about the new LR3 fields.

    You should use either the LR3 fields (so that LR3 applies these fields and PLUS for Lightroom does the other) OR you should use the plugin’s fields. If you use both then the plugin will overwrite the metadata that you’ve placed in the IPTC extension fields.

    I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to address this problem in a future update – it’s not as straightforwards as you might imagine, especially if the user has already filled in two lots of conflicting information in both datasets.