Impact 1.55

Following some feedback we’ve made a couple of modifications to the Impact gallery.

The most important one is that the all important alt text for images can now be specified.  This allows you to optimise your galleries for search engine indexing.

Also, the auto starting of the slideshow was broken in the previous release.  This has been fixed, but it’s also been enhanced so that it will start automatically when visiting the main URL, however it’ll be paused if the URL contains a direct reference to an image.  This allows the user to return to a bookmarked image without the page changing unexpectedly.

Finally, for those that don’t like the bookmarkable URLs, this dynamic changing of the URL is now optional.

You can read more about these options in the quick guide.

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3 Responses to Impact 1.55

  1. Mikko Ala-Peijari says:

    First of all, thanks for your work. Enfuse is almost perfect a tool. I just bought a license for it.
    About the Impact Gallery and its future improvements.
    I can make the MENU BAR disappear, but it always takes the MENU ITEMS away too. Can you make the items stay on the page? I dont like the menu bar showing on top of the images, but the menu items would be useful to keep insight. Do you know what Im talking about? Hopefully… :)

    Im probably gonna buy your Gallery plug-ins as well (Impact and Jigsawrus), but it would be great if you would add my reguest to your next update on Impact. Cheers!

    - Mikko

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