Filmstrip WSPP

We’ve received an incredible response from our new Web Site Publisher Pro series of plugins.

Of particular interest to us was the large number of people requesting a WSPP plugin based on a horizontal scrolling gallery.  Not wishing to disappoint, we temporarily put aside the development of the galleries that we were working on and starting working on a solution.

The result is Filmstrip WSPP.  We’ve really taken into account your requests and comments, and we’re exceptionally happy with the result. We’ve worked hard to try to produce something unique, and we’ve created a feature set is way beyond a typical gallery of this type. Here are the highlights:

  • Impressive and memorable viewing experience thanks to scaled-to-browser-height images.
  • Images are preloaded and faded in as they become available.
  • Multiple image resolutions are exported and the most appropriate resolution is used when displaying the images. This ensures fast loading on mobile devices without penalising the image quality on desktop machines.
  • Very configurable interface. The “filmstrip” can be displayed in many ways thanks to the ability to add spacing and borders.
  • Optional fixed size header and footer areas give you space to put menus and controls that won’t interfere with the images.
  • Individual annotations can be displayed on the images. Annotations can include image metadata and may be formatted with Markdown.
  • The display of annotations can be turned on and off by the viewer.
  • Custom pinch gestures for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad allow visitor to change the height of the strip.
  • Pure HTML/Javascript – no Flash.

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