Impact WSPP gets captions and matting

You’ve been asking for two things.  Lots.  And lots.  Now you’ve got them….

With Impact WSPP 1.20 you can now overlay captions onto your images.  You can also specify a fixed size “matting” to go around the image.  If you wish you can use this area to hold the navigation bar, the descriptions and the position dots so that they don’t overlap your images.

Once these features have settled in and we’ve had your feedback we’ll be porting them over to the standard version of Impact too.

There are other changes too, such as a back button to take you to the parent level, and the ability to put links into your gallery descriptions.

One noteworthy change – the text size of the descriptions on the gallery index pages is now fixed in pixels rather than points.  This will give better consistency across browsers, but you’ll need to tweak the size of your text in any existing templates you’ve made.

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2 Responses to Impact WSPP gets captions and matting

  1. Sverre says:

    See a lot of nice progress – exciting. I buy the product the same day you offer a save-as option :-)

  2. Mike says:

    Looking forward to the Impact standalone update (pleases don’t forget about us standalone guys that use you in conjunction with iWeb and other programs).