Snitch Sync – Improving your ShutterSnitch to Lightroom workflow

We’ve just released a handy plugin for those of you that use ShutterSnitch to wireless send images to your iPad.

ShutterSnitch allows users to rate their images on the iPad, and our Snitch Sync plug-in will allow you to synchronise this information with your RAW images in Lightroom.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. In the field, you shoot RAW images to your card and send small JPEGs wirelessly to the iPad (using ShutterSnitch) for quick review. Only small JPEGs are sent to reduce the transmission time.
  2. After the shoot you can rate your images on the iPad using ShutterSnitch.
  3. Back at the studio you import your RAW images into Lightroom.
  4. From ShutterSnitch you send yourself your Selection List by email.
  5. Using SnitchSync you copy and paste the contents of your email into the field provided. The plugin will read the data, match the JPEG filenames with the RAW images, then update the ratings.

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