Keyboard Tamer updated for Lightroom 4

Some of you have pointed out that Keyboard Tamer wasn’t working under LR3. You’re right, that slipped me by! Sorry about that.

I’ve just released an update to address LR 4 compatibility. Notice that you’ll now either be asked for your admin password (on Mac) or else be asked to run as an administrator (on Windows). There’s no need to panic, it’s just that Keyboard Tamer works by making changes to some of Lightroom’s own files (after backing up the originals), and under Lightroom 4 access to these files is now protected by default.

Have fun with your own shortcuts!

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One Response to Keyboard Tamer updated for Lightroom 4

  1. Enrico Curschellas says:

    I have installed the update to LR4 – now it works great again!
    Thank you very much.