Faster, more reliable downloads…

We sometimes have comments from users who are unable to download the latest version of their plugins from within Lightroom. Often the download is very slow, other times it fails half way through. The problem principally affects users who are located out of Europe (where our server is located).

This distance-related problem also manifests itself when asking the Enfuse plugin to download our copy of the Enfuse binary application.

To solve these problems we’ve now experimenting with an infrastructure change that should provide you all with more reliable plugin updates. As we move forwards plugins will be stored on a global “Content Delivery Network” hosted by Amazon, which is a fancy way of saying that the files in question will be stored much closer to your physical location, and should thus be much quicker – and more reliable – to download.

Since this represents a major change for us we’ll be rolling out the changes slowly. We’re going to start with LR/Enfuse to ensure that all’s well, and new versions of our other plugins will be updated over time.

We’d love to hear from users of LR/Enfuse who had experienced these problems before to know if this solves the issue for them….

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2 Responses to Faster, more reliable downloads…

  1. Karen says:

    Hi, Tim! Did you remember my problem with intel core i7 709 error problem? New version of Enfuse (4.1 rc for x64) resolved it !