List View 1.60

I’ve just released ListView 1.60 with a series of significant changes and improvements:

  • Easier to change data displayed
    • Click the triangle in the column header
    • A new dialog box replaces the previous long drop down lists
  • Display and output Develop fields
    • Slows down performance (there’s no batch access)
    • Freely mix Develop data with
    • Sort by Develop data
    • Save sorted items to a collection (the sort is in the “user order”)
  • Display and output various other fields
    • Video
    • Folder paths
    • Pick flags
    • Edit count and time
  • Completely new floating “File Info” panel (shown right)
    • Only available in Lightroom 4
    • Displays info about same 10 fields as List View
    • Floats, so you can move from file to file in grid view or the filmstrip
    • Display more EXIF info while you’re working in Develop
    • Put it on a second monitor
  • Two additional panels for Metadata
    • A File Info panel including folders, file size
    • One bringing together copyright and other minimal data entry
  • Save export data to location other than the desktop
    • It’s a preference in Plug-In Manager
  • A lot more logging
    • So much more that it really slows things down
    • Switch it on when (if) you need it

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Keyboard Tamer – a GREAT tool for Mac Users

Hot on the heals of version 2.00 of Keyboard Tamer I’ve just released version 2.11 which adds support for adjusting the development sliders for images under Process Version 2012.

I have to thank Peter Karlsson from Svarteld for driving the recent updates to Keyboard Tamer, and this screenshot is a reminder as to why this is such a useful plugin, not only for users of non-US keyboards, but also for all Mac users, as we’ll see below….

Lightroom doesn’t provide any keyboard shortcuts for the development sliders, and so Keyboard Tamer does something slightly tricky to solve this issue. By creating menu items to adjust the various development sliders Mac users can use the System Preferences to assign keyboard shortcuts!

However, that’s not the best of it. The really great thing is that these shortcuts work everywhere – from every module. No more switching to the Develop module to make a quick change to an image!

Thanks for that inspiring screenshot Peter!

I’ve also improved things for Windows users. By default those menu items will no longer be visible in the menu, so you won’t have to be bothered be something that serves you much less purpose that it would to a Mac user…

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Keyboard Tamer updated for Lightroom 4

Some of you have pointed out that Keyboard Tamer wasn’t working under LR3. You’re right, that slipped me by! Sorry about that.

I’ve just released an update to address LR 4 compatibility. Notice that you’ll now either be asked for your admin password (on Mac) or else be asked to run as an administrator (on Windows). There’s no need to panic, it’s just that Keyboard Tamer works by making changes to some of Lightroom’s own files (after backing up the originals), and under Lightroom 4 access to these files is now protected by default.

Have fun with your own shortcuts!

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Lightroom 4 and our plugins

Lightroom 4 is out! And not only, that, the price has been cut significantly…..

All of our plugins should continue to work perfectly under LR4. If you discover any issues that we missed then please let us know and we’ll address them as quickly as possible.

Happy snapping!

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Web galleries, Lightroom 4 & a bit of publicity…

Many of you have noticed that some of my web galleries have stopped working properly under Lightroom 4. In particular, the WSPP galleries had a number of problems when being viewed in the web module.

Of course, there was no chance that I was ever going to leave you in the lurch before the final release of LR4! Today I’ve posted updates for the following galleries:

  • Impact
  • Impact WSPP
  • Filmstrip WSPP
  • Jigasawrus
  • Elegance

Note that along with adding LR4 support the update to Elegance also fixes a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 9.

Now, I know you’re all just dying to know why it’s taken a few weeks to deliver updates following the release of the LR4 beta. The reasons is that I’ve been working non-stop on a beautiful new iPhone/iPad app and I wanted to get that released so that I could then focus clearly on plugin updates.

And to that end I’d urge to to take a look at this gorgeous app:


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Search and Replace 1.35

Search and Replace 1.35 has just gone live with quite a few small improvements as well as some bug fixes. The main changes are:

  • If only one item selected, you are now prompted to add all other visible items
  • New commands to copy the filename to the title – with and without file extensions
  • Parse and Audit now adds columns in the Library filter panel listing all the values in the “copy from” and “copy to” fields – handy when you’re checking what’s in those fields
  • The keyword counter now goes much higher
  • Improved error reporting through log file
  • Corrected some translation errors
  • Search Replace Transfer dialog box opens at last-used tab
  • Fixed Lightroom 2 bug upon startup

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A beautiful website created with Impact WSPP

Franck Hamel has created an absolutely stunning web site using Impact WSPP.

Beautiful site and magnificent photography – bravo Franck!

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TPG Elemental adds Photoshop Elements 10 support and more

There is something to benefit existing and potential users alike with the latest update to the TPG Elemental plugin. New users will find support for the recently released Photoshop Elements 10, and tailored help and recommendations for resolving potential compatiblity issues between Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. Existing users will notice the ability to control the bit depth used when opening images, more consistent application of Lightroom’s develop settings in Photoshop Elements, and users lucky enough to be running Lightroom 3 no longer need to manually save images before using Elemental!

The upgrade is free to registered users, and we’ve reworked the web site (and Lightroom’s Help menu) to explain all of the new features. Enjoy!

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José Fernandez does Star Trails too

We recently posted some of José Fernandez’s beautiful landscape images that were created using LR/Enfuse. Now José’s sent us a couple of stunning Enfused star trails too.

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Need to time your shoot? Perfect Timers could be the solution

Ever needed to time a shoot?  If you’ve got your iPad at hand then Perfect Timers could be the ideal solution.

Okay, I’ll admit that the link to photographic tools may be tenuous, but Perfect Timers is my first iOS application and I need some coverage!

Besides, it really is nice app….

I was frustrated when looking for a good timer app for his iPad – the applications Ifound were either lacking in the functionality I needed (multiple timers, overrun timing and the ability to easily add minutes to a running count down) or else unbearably ugly. Eventually I took it upon myself to help all those timer-less iPad-owning aesthetically-demanding souls out there, and thus Perfect Timers was born!

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