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Change Log

Version 1.68, 7th July 2013

  • Lr5 compatibility changes
  • Fixed bug affecting display of develop adjustments

Version 1.66, 24th May 2013

  • Lr5 compatibility changes
  • Added GPS latitude and longitude as decimals
  • Added UUID
  • Added colour label text
  • Added smart preview information (LR5 only)
  • Blank column does not export
  • Option to replace spaces in column headers (needed for some mail merge operations)

Version 1.65, 22nd May 2013

  • Bug fix for Mac - presets not found

Version 1.64, 17th May 2013

  • Bug fix for Mac where Excel not found at stored location

Version 1.63, 16th May 2013

  • Bug fix re thumbnail generation
  • Updates to File Info dialog for Lightroom 5

Version 1.61, 26th July 2012

  • Bug fix re custom metadata
  • A new "reset listed columns to default" button is in the plugin manager.

Version 1.60, 26th June 2012

  • Bug fix affecting 4.0 users (TrimmedDurationInSeconds only introduced in LR4.1)

Version 1.59, 22nd June 2012

  • Easier to change data displayed
  • Display and output Develop fields
  • Display and output various other fields
  • Completely new floating "File Info" panel (only available in Lightroom 4)
  • Two additional panels for Metadata
  • Save export data to location other than the desktop
  • Fixed bug with trial version
  • A lot more logging

Version 1.57, 28th April 2012

  • Updates for Lightroom 4
  • Save to sorted collection
  • Export to CSV alternative
  • Export thumbnails too

Version 1.54, 30th June 2011

  • Non-English language - Italian, German and French (I have only added those I speak. Contact me (John) if you you want the dialog boxes to be shown in your own language.
  • Bug fix - saving alternative location of Excel
  • Bug fix - numbering on edit dialog box

Version 1.52, 30th June 2011

  • Preliminary non-English language files added - Italian, German and French

Version 1.51, 28th June 2011

  • Minor bug fixed - affected catalogues where no custom fields

Version 1.50, 28th June 2011

  • Initial release

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