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Change Log

Version 3.10, 17th May 2018

  • Fixed a number of shortcuts that have been changed or added (massive thanks to John Rellis for making this possible)

Version 3.00, 16th May 2018

  • Updated for Lightroom Classic CC.

Version 2.20, 6th May 2015

  • Updated for Lightroom 5 and 6.

Version 2.12, 25th Marche 2013

  • The Contrast++ menu item wasn't working.

Version 2.11, 26th April 2012

  • The plethora of menu items added by Keyboard Tamer is no longer shown by default. You now need to specifically add them using the plugin manager.
  • The older menu items didn't work on Process2012 images. You can now choose to add the menu items that are appropriate for modifying Process 2012 images.
  • The menu items have been renamed so that, for example, "Exposure +1" is now just "Exposure ++". This is so that the underlying value (1 in this case) can be adjusted appropriately for the different process versions whilst still doing the right thing. For Mac users the result of this is that you'll need to update any keyboard shortcuts that you've created in the System Preferences.
  • Changes made using these menu options now have sensible names in the Develop Module's history palette.
  • The max/min values of the develop sliders are now respected when using the menu items to change values.

Version 2.00, 24th April 2012

  • Keyboard Tamer now works on Lightroom 4.

Version 1.13, 20th September 2011

  • Fixed an error that stopped some shortcuts from being restored.
  • Updated to use the new self update mechanism which can now tell you exactly what's changed since your last update.

Version 1.11, 10th August 2010

  • "Blacks" adjustment from the menu wasn't working.

Version 1.05, 28th June 2010

  • Added shortcut access to the currently targetted slider in develop module.
  • Added shortcut access to thumbnail sizes.
  • Some of the default shortcuts displayed using an English version of LR were incorrect.

Version 1.00, 23rd June 2010

  • Initial release.

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