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Known errors

1) Lightroom 5 creating virtual copies

The Lightroom plug-in API has a bug. This makes that the behavior of the "Create Virtual copy" function in some views does not work correct. (Library-Grid, Library-Loupe and Develop).
I tested it on 3 different machines, both Mac OS X and Windows, and on each machine the function failed, yet the situation being different. And on all machines it runs in at least one view well.

The bug is: when multiple photos are selected and Virtual copies should be made that in some views (Library-Grid, Library-Loupe and Develop) only 1 virtual copy is created and not for all. This bug has been reported.

To help you determine in which views the "create virtual copy" functionality runs fine an extra test program is added, see "Test Virtual copy" in the plug-in menu.

How to run the test?

Select between 2 and 10 photos and run the test in all the three views"Library-Loupe, Library Grid and Develop module.
Determine in which situation the virtual copies are created correctly.

Please run the plug-in in the view that works fine for you.

2) Synchronization problem in the Lightroom API

When applying Auto-tone the Lightroom API (Application programming interface) will not always report the correct values directly for the sliders in the Basic panel, like Exposure, Contrast, Highlight, Shadows etc. It might wait until it has generated all its previews. In that case reports a value of -999999 when you run this plug-in before it has finished. This report has been filed with Adobe.
In the meantime a workaround is implemented in the plug-in: the option "Check for invalid values".
Default this option is turned off, however when you experience that a photo is not altered and in the log you find the values -999999, then you should turn in that case this option on.

3) Exposure percentage change with the XML format

Default percentage notation

By default 50% is written as 50 in the preset. You can set the slider on 50 and create a preset.
Almost all sliders have a range from -100 to 100, so creating a preset with 50 is easy.

HOWEVER for Exposure there is a problem.

The range of the Exposure slider is from -5 till 5. If you want to create a preset for 50% you can't set the slider to 50.

Until Lightroom 7.3 one could for example set the percentage for Exposure to 50 by editing the preset file, although the range of the setting in the tool is from -5 till 5.
However with the transition to the XML versions of the presets, the Adobe Lightroom API (Application Programming Interface) ignores values outside the range between the minimum and maximum value.

So for Exposure when you want to apply 50% you have to write 50% as 0.5. So set the slider to 0.5 and save it as a preset.

Pricing and Payment

You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.


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