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Change Log

Version 4.32, 23rd April 2015

  • Compatibility with Lightroom 6.
  • Hosted version of Enfuse now updated to the latest version.

Version 4.31, 29th November 2013

  • LR/Enfuse can't yet handle collection-based stacks (as opposed to folder-based ones) since plugins cannot access this information. The error message that's given when you try now makes this clear.

Version 4.30, 29th November 2013

  • Now works correctly with the latest versions of Enfuse and Align_Image_Stack.
  • When installing the versions of Enfuse and Align_Image_Stack hosted by the Photographers Toolbox (also updated), the plugin will automtically get either the 32 or 64 bit version (Windows).
  • Updated to the latest version of ExifTool (used to copy the metadata to the blended image).
  • Removal of the "Preview" button, since this wasn't really useful and it was very confusung for Windows users who don't have a built-in previewing application.
  • Better error reporting.

Version 4.21, 7th November 2012

  • Minor changes to self update mechanism.

Version 4.20, 6th November 2012

  • Both the LR/Enfuse plugin itself and the Enfuse applications that are installed by the plugin are now distributed via a global "Content Delivery Network". This should address issues with slow or failing downloads of the Enfuse tools.

Version 4.13, 22nd March 2012

  • Updated to the latest version of Exiftool.

Version 4.11, 16th September 2011

  • Updated self-update mechanism.
  • Various fixes.

Version 4.08, 29th August 2011

  • Following a security patch applied by our service provider the plugin could no longer download the Enfuse applications. This has now been fixed.

Version 4.07, 11th August 2010

  • LR/Enfuse could not install the applications under some Windows 7 installations (reporting that the staging folder could not be created). This version now explains how to solve the issue by running Lightroom as an administrator for the installation.

Version 4.06, 27th July 2010

  • 4.04 broke auto-aligning and LR2 compatibility! The fix introduced in 4.04 is now applied applied when using Lightroom 3.

Version 4.04, 26th July 2010

  • LR/Enfuse would fail if the user had configured Lightroom to replace certain characters (such as a space) when exporting.

Version 4.03, 19th July 2010

  • Added the option of using a Mac OS 10.4 version of Enfuse.

Version 4.02, 18th July 2010

  • Manual selection of align_image_stack application wasn't working.

Version 4.01, 16th July 2010

  • Fix issue whereby installation of third-party applications would silently fail.

Version 4.00, 15th July 2010

This is a major new version - it is not compatible with Lightroom 1.x

  • LR/Enfuse now requires Enfuse version 4 (which offers supports for multi-processors and has other nice improvements).
  • The installation procedure is now simpler. The plugin can download and install the required third party applications automatically.
  • The constrast weight adjustment can now be used in combination with auto-alignment, so it's now possible to blend focus stacks.
  • The plugin now always exports 16-bit TIFFs for the best quality blend. The result is converted to the required format once the blend is complete.
  • Multiple blends can now run simultaneously.
  • The user interface has been improved with helpful commentry.
  • Automatic preview generation has been removed since it didn't work well.

Version 3.25, 18th January 2010

  • Location of Enfuse/Enblend follow is searched for automatically on 64bit systems too.

Version 3.24, 16th January 2010

  • Fixed an auto-update problem with the previous version.

Version 3.23, 12th January 2010

  • Fix a bug where LR/Enfuse would be blocked with a "number expected" error. Big thanks to Scott Martin for tracking this down.

Version 3.22, 1st February 2009

  • Release for the Photographer's Toolbox with serial code unlock.

Version 3.15, 10th November 2008

  • Fixed a bug where the colourspace information wasn't being copied to the blended file.

Version 3.10, 13th October 2008

  • Added an option to pass extra command line parameters to Enfuse.
  • Added the possibility to check for new versions and to download and install them automatically (Lightroom 2 only).

Version 3.03, 16th September 2008

  • Fixed the problem that some people experience where exiftool fails and stops the process.
  • Improved error reporting again.

Version 3.02, 15th September 2008

  • Error messages are now output into the user's documents folder to help with debugging.

Version 3.01, 9th September 2008

  • Updated the French translation.

Version 3.00, 1st September 2008

  • Batch processing option- Lightroom 2 only.
  • Blended images can now be automatically reimported into Lightroom - Lightroom 2 only.

Version 2.50, 21st March 2008 - Special release for Lightroom 2.

Note that the plugin will continue to work with Lightroom 1.3 and 1.4

  • Added option to create blended file in the same folder as the primary ("most selected") image - Lightroom 2 only.
  • Metadata is now copied from the primary image, not the first in the set- Lightroom 2 only.
  • TIFFs can be exported as 16-bit or as 8-bit- Lightroom 2 only.

Version 2.15, 21st March 2008

  • Added option to create blended file in the same folder as the first image in the set.
  • Fixed bug - LR/Enfuse got confused with filenames such as X.Y.jpg

Version 2.10, 20th March 2008

  • Allow users to choose their own location for temporary files. Note that Windows users with accented characters in their user name do this.
  • Updated German translation
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.00, 18th March 2008

Note that you now need to install the required 3rd party applications separately. Please see the installation guidefor details.

  • LR/Enfuse can now automatically align your photos by using the 'align_image_stack' application from the Hugin project.
  • The user interface has been reorganised.
  • Permission problems experienced by some users should be resolved.
  • Error handling has been improved.

Version 1.20, 14th March 2008

  • Update for Lightroom 1.4

Version 1.16, 13th March 2008

  • German translation included
  • More complete "About" panel with links to the Enfuse homepage.

Version 1.15, 28th February 2008

  • Fix bug whereby the OK button would do nothing without reporting the reason.

Version 1.11, 28th February 2008

  • The output filename can down be defined as a name to append to the first image. This helps batch operations.
  • Virtual copies can now be blended. You can create several variants of the same image and blend them together.
  • The blended file can now be opened in any application
  • A reset button has been added to the basic fusion options
  • Fixed annoying "Undefined global: LOC" bug.
  • Added French translation

Version 1.04, 25th February 2008

  • Added an option to open the blended file in the Finder/Explorer.
  • Fixed "Undefined gloabl: LOC" bug that a few Windows users were seeing.

Version 1.03, 25th February 2008

  • Removed 8-bit TIFF option. A bug in the Lightroom SDK prevents this from working.
  • Windows users - the current Windows version of Enfuse can't operate on 16-bit TIFFs. Please use JPEGs until this is resolved.

Version 1.02, 25th February 2008

  • Fixed rare "Undefined global: _PLUGIN" bug.

Version 1.00, 23rd February 2008

  • Initial release.

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