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Change Log

Version 5.10, 30th January 2019

  • Added GPS direction token, which somehow disappeared in the last update!

Version 5.00, 24th January 2019

  • Compatibility with Image Magick 7!

Version 4.53, 16th November 2018

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version.

Version 4.52, 14th November 2018

  • Added a new text token for the GPS direction

Version 4.51, 26th June 2018

  • Work around a new Lightroom bug that broke the choice of color for borders, fonts etc.

Version 4.50, 16th May 2018

  • Added a "pluginField" token for accessing metadata from other plugins in text annotations
  • Updated Exiftool

Version 4.48, 8th November 2012

  • Improved the self update system so that future updates will be distributed via a global "Content Delivery Network" for better reliability and faster downloads.

Version 4.47, 21st May 2012

  • Fixed the {shutterSpeed} token so that it doesn't return values such as 6.00003232.
  • Added an optional argument to the {shutterSpeed token to force a given precision (e.g. {shutterSpeed[2]} will give 6.00 rather than just 6).
  • Fixed the {exportedName}, {exportedFoldersName}, {exportedFoldersPath} and {exportedPathName} tokens so that they return the correct values!
  • Fixed the {rating} token and added a parameter such that {rating[*]} will return, for example, *** (for a 3 star rating).
  • Added a parameter to the {gpsLatitudeDecimal} and {gpsLongitudeDecimal} tokens to force a given precision.
  • Removed the \ that would appear before quotation marks on when exporting images with annotations on the Mac.

Version 4.45, 21st October 2011

  • Hopefully fixed the "Can't copy value between states" error that LR 3.0 users are experiencing. A better solution is to update LR to the latest version!

Version 4.44, 20th September 2011

  • There's no longer any need to use the {return} token, you can just press return instead :) Note that this doesn't work for Window users of Lightroom 2.x - you'll have to use {return} or else upgrade to Lightroom 3.
  • The token help window is now display in a scrolling view, so it should no longer fill up the entire view when using smaller screens.
  • Added new tokens to retrieve the full path name of the original image files (only available on Lightroom 3 or higher). Many of you have been asking for this for years, but we've only just noticed that Lightroom 3 finally gives us access to it!
  • Mac users - when choosing a font the file dialog start up in the /Library/Fonts folder automatically. Not only is this helpful, but it's essential under Lion since the Library folder is hidden by default.
  • Mac users - the plugin now tells you to choose .oft fonts or .ttf fonts so that we can reduce our "Why is the text not showing up when I haven't read the FAQ" support costs ;)

Version 4.41, 16th September 2011

  • Updated to use the new self update mechanism which can now tell you exactly what's changed since your last update.

Version 4.40, 19th May 2011

  • The new build of mogrify for Mac was failing to run on some systems. We've moved back to the old build until the problem is understood.

Version 4.40, 19th May 2011

  • Work around a bug in a recent version of Image Magick that prevented the watermarking feature from working.
  • Upate the built-in Mac version of mogrify to the latest version (kindly built by Mark Sirota).

Version 4.36, 16th February 2011

  • Decimal values can now be used for text annotation insets when using percentages.
  • Entering an invalid value into the sharpening slider will no longer stop the plugin from reopening in the plugin manager.
  • A clearer error message is generated when the plugin can't determine the size of a watermark image.

Version 4.32, 16th September 2010

  • Some users were suffering an issue under which the annotations panel became wider than the export dialog, thereby hiding some of the features.

Version 4.30, 26th May 2010

  • Renamed to LR/Mogrify 2 (instead of LR2/Mogrify) to avoid the suggestion that the plugin is not compatible with LR3.

Version 4.28, 25th February 2010

  • Fix a problem with translucent inner borders (a darker line would show up at the bottom of the image).

Version 4.27, 22nd February 2010

  • Added 'difference' blending mode to watermark options.

Version 4.26, 15th February 2010

  • Inner borders had incorrect widths.
  • Improve generation of font list (under Windows) to reduce the number of incompatible fonts listed.

Version 4.21, 9th November 2009

  • Fixed a bug when trying to use PNGs for watermarks.

Version 4.20, 2nd November 2009

  • Fix most compatibility issues with Lightroom 3 beta. The plugin still can't be used from the "Publish" feature due to a Lightroom 3 bug (should be fixed by release though).

Version 4.14, 14th October 2009

  • 4.13 had broken the ability to export a preset via the menu option.

Version 4.13, 12th October 2009

  • LR/Mogrify 2 now detects that a certain Lightroom bug has occurred and stops the user from continuing with their export by requesting that the export dialog needs to be closed then reopened to continue. The bug occurs whenever a post-process section is closed, and is very often seen when changing presets.
  • The previous fix to the "Compress To Size" option resulted in reduced image quality images compared to the previous version. This has now been addressed.

Version 4.12, 7th October 2009

  • Fixed "Compress To Size" failure that was occurring on some systems.

Version 4.11, 1st October 2009

  • PNG watermarks weren't always working on Mac.

Version 4.00, 30th September 2009

  • There's a new "Canvas" section for placing the (resized) image onto a fixed size canvas. Useful when images have to have a fixed size but you don't with to crop them.
  • Multiple different watermarks may now be added to an image.
  • PNG watermarks may now be scaled proportionally.
  • Watermarks can now be specified as a percentage of the width or height of the image while preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Horizontal/Vertical insets now work in each of the nine watermark positions.
  • The limit of 3 text annotations has been removed.
  • Fixed a recent bug that stopped TIFF's being exported in 8-bit mode.
  • Fixed a recent bug that stopped borders having no width or height.

Version 3.11, 4th August 2009

  • Fix an error message concerning outer borders

Version 3.00, 23rd July 2009

  • Added support for inner borders!
  • A checkbox in the outer border sections allows you to manipulate the four borders at the same time.
  • Automatic update has been improved (although you won't see the effect until the next version...)

Version 2.20, 14th July 2009

  • Border widths can now be a percentage of the longest/shortest side.
  • Problems related to the saving of presets containing multiple borders have now been solved (I hope!).

Version 2.11, 4th July 2009

  • The export was being disabled unnecessarily when the watermark height field was empty, even though watermark resizing option was not turned on.

Version 2.00, 2th July 2009

  • New JPEG compression option will compress JPEGs to the highest quality that'll be smaller than the requested file size.
  • Text annotations can now include accented characters and other such things.
  • Unnecessary punctuation resulting from empty tokens in a text annotation is now removed.
  • Text can now be scaled as a percentage of the shortest or longest side of the image so that it'll be the same size on both landscape or portrait images.
  • Watermarks can now be scaled as a percentage of the shortest or longest side of the image so they'll be the same size on both landscape or portrait images.
  • Estoteric errors that resulted from leaving width and height fields blank are now trapped.

Version 1.65, 14th May 2009

  • Self Update was broken. Why didn't anyone tell me?!

Version 1.64, 13th May 2009

  • Fixed problem with greyscale image 'corruption'.

Version 1.63, 8th March 2009

  • Start of command line parameter option was broken.

Version 1.62, 6th March 2009

  • Fixed issue whereby the font list wasn't available on some Vista platforms.
  • Added {fileNameNoExtension} token.

Version 1.61, 1st February 2009

  • Release for the Photographer's Toolbox with serial code unlock.

Version 1.51, 27th November 2008

  • By using LR/Mogrify 2's resizing panel it's now possible to include any borders inside size that you're asking for.

Version 1.45, 11th November 2008

  • Allow for decimal border width values when using percentages (e.g. 0.6% of the width).

Version 1.44, 6th November 2008

  • Bug fix: resizing via LR/Mogrify 2 no longer worked when adding borders.
  • Bug fix: new border section was too wide for the dialog box (Mac OS).

Version 1.42, 5th November 2008

  • Bug fixes for new border options.

Version 1.40, 4th November 2008

  • It's finally possible to control the size of each border independantly in pixels or as a percentage of the width or height (my thanks to Alan Schussman for putting me on the track that led to a full solution).
  • Similarly, the font size and offsets can be set as a pecentage.

Version 1.30, 20th October 2008

  • The size of the watermark image can now be specified as a percentage of the final image size.
  • Resizing is performed before any other operation.

Version 1.26, 14th October 2008

  • Text annotations containing data and time metadata can now be optionally formatted to the user's specification.

Version 1.20, 8th October 2008

  • Added the possibility to check for new versions and to download and install them automatically (Lightroom 2 only).
  • Fixed bug where the {shutterSpeed} token could run into many decimal places.

Version 1.17, 2nd October 2008

  • Added an option to strip all metadata from the exported image. The ICC profile and other image metadata can now be stripped independently from each other.

Version 1.16, 1st October 2008

  • Improved metadata preservation handling.

Version 1.15, 26th September 2008

  • Text background colour bug fixed.

Version 1.14, 25th September 2008

  • Only the first image exported had the right compression.

Version 1.13, 20th September 2008

  • As a temporary workaround to a Lightroom 2.0 bug LR/Mogrify 2 now works on top-quality JPEGS (as opposed to TIFFs) when exporting JPEG images (see F.A.Q.)

Version 1.12, 19th September 2008

  • Another metadata bug - not all metadata was being copied, including colourspace information.

Version 1.11, 18th September 2008

  • Fixed the problem that some people experience where exiftool fails and stops the export.
  • Improved error reporting.

Version 1.10, 17th September 2008

  • Added up to 3 independent text annotations.
  • Fixed a bug whereby metadata would not be copied to the exported file.

Version 1.01, 15th September 2008

  • Fixed bug where the first image in a batch wouldn't be exported.
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of optional metadata strings.
  • Error messages are now output into the user's documents folder to help with debugging.

Version 1.00, 4th August 2008

  • LR/Mogrify 2 now always operates on a TIFF file when you ask for a JPEG file, and then converts the result to a JPEG after manipulating it. This ensures maximum quality.

Version 0.20, 5th May 2008

  • Updated for ImageMagick 6.4.1 (it wasn't possible to recover the font list with this version of ImageMagick)

Version 0.16, 8th April 2008

  • Fixed bug whereby the first image wouldn't export and subsequent images weren't being modified

Version 0.15, 7th April 2008

  • Fixed bug where the configuration section displayed an error message.
  • Added German translation;

Version 0.10, 2nd April 2008

  • FInitial release to coincide with the Lightroom 2.0 public beta.
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