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LR/Transporter is a Lightroom export plugin that helps you to move your metadata in and out of Lightroom. It offers a number of key features:

  • During an export LR/Transporter can generate a "companion" text file for each exported photo as well as an overall summary file. These files are built to your own specification from the metadata embedded in the photos.
  • The exported photos and the generated files can then be moved elsewhere on your system (even the path to the new location can be based on photo metadata) or sent to your server via FTP.
  • The companion and summary files can also be generated independently from an export. This can be very useful for quickly creating a file containing certain metadata.
  • LR/Tranporter provides a powerful system for importing data from a CSV file by matching photos that against a particular field in each record. This feature could be essential for photographers who rely on external agencies for captioning and keywording. (Requires Lightroom 2 or later).
  • LR/Transporter also offers the ability to modify certain metadata fields (such as the IPTC title and caption) based on other metadata fields. This allows you to, for example, define the Title field from a combination of other fields such as the filename. (Requires Lightroom 2 or later).

This very adaptable plugin has endless potential for those requiring more from their metadata - creation of CSV files, automated upload of specific metadata with each photo, creation of computer readable XML files, etc.

Donating and Updates

The trial limits any operation to 10 files at a time, and donating towards this project will give you a registration code that will remove this restriction. All future updates are free.

This is a donationware product. To unlock the full functionality the author requests that you make a donation to support future development.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.

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