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Change Log

Version 4.36, 12th August 2019

  • Fixed the {lr} and {rb} tokens, which would fail if used together.

Version 4.35, 23rd July 2015

  • Added the ability to import GPS, altitude and direction coordinates.
  • Added an option to overwrite fields with imported data ONLY if the imported field data isn't empty (otherwise existing data is removed).
  • Fixed a long standing bug whereby some images wouldn't be updated during an import operation.

Version 4.33, 7th July 2015

  • Added an import option to match against filenames without the extension.

Version 4.32, 25th August 2014

  • Fixed bug relating to importing new LR keywords.

Version 4.30, 25th April 2014

  • LR/Transporter can now import keywords into LR's own keyword hierarchy.

Version 4.28, 29th October 2012

  • Work around for a bug introduced in Lightroom 4.2 (resulting in the error "attempt get get field 'getProgressScope'").

Version 4.27, 21st May 2012

  • Fixed the {shutterSpeed} token so that it doesn't return values such as 6.00003232.
  • Added an optional argument to the {shutterSpeed token to force a given precision (e.g. {shutterSpeed[2]} will give 6.00 rather than just 6).
  • Fixed the {rating} token and added a parameter such that {rating[*]} will return, for example, *** (for a 3 star rating).
  • Added a parameter to the {gpsLatitudeDecimal} and {gpsLongitudeDecimal} tokens to force a given precision.

Version 4.26, 21th March 2012

  • Improved error reporting when reading CSV files with unmatched quotes.

Version 4.25, 26th September 2011

  • Fixed 'unknown global pt' error during metadata import.

Version 4.24, 20th September 2011

  • Added new tokens to retrieve the full path name of the original image files (only available on Lightroom 3 or higher). Many of you have been asking for this for years, but we've only just noticed that Lightroom 3 finally gives us access to it!
  • There's no longer any need to use the {return} token, you can just press return instead :) Note that this doesn't work for Window users of Lightroom 2.x - you'll have to use {return} or else upgrade to Lightroom 3.
  • The token help window is now display in a scrolling view, so it should no longer fill up the entire view when using smaller screens.

Version 4.23, 16th September 2011

Important note: This version of LR/Transporter will no longer work on Lightroom 1.x.

  • Fixed a bug that stopped certain CSV files from being imported.

Version 4.22, 15th September 2011

Important note: This version of LR/Transporter will no longer work on Lightroom 1.x.

  • Fixed a bug that stopped tokens being used when specifying the folder for exported images.
  • Enabled the ability to export images to a temporary folder. When used in conjunction with the ability to copy images to another folder based on metadata this means that you don't have to manually delete the original export by hand.
  • Updated to use the new self update mechanism which can now tell you exactly what's changed since your last update.
  • Removed support for Lightroom 1.x.

Version 4.19, 1st June 2011

  • Removed options for importing keywords into Lightroom's own keywords list. This is was an incomplete feature that was left in by accident.

Version 4.18, 25th November 2010

  • Added a new token to allow advanced users to export metadata fields from other plugins..

Version 4.17, 26th February 2010

  • Import metadata progress dialog can now be cancelled.

Version 4.16, 19th February 2010

  • Companion files weren't be saved in the right place when exporting metadata via the menu option.

Version 4.15, 18th February 2010

  • Field matching during metadata import is now case insensitive.
  • The progress bar during metadata import now works.
  • Fix a number of small bugs introduced in 4.12.

Version 4.12, 15th February 2010

  • Fix an issue with the GPS token.

Version 4.11, 27th June 2009

  • Fixed a bug which stopped some files from being marked if there were spaces in the name.

Version 3.75, 17th May 2009

  • Fixed import problem where filenames were not recognised using the "is" comparison.

Version 3.74, 13th May 2009

  • Fixed 'prefs undefined' bug.
  • Fixed problem with width and height tokens not being recognised.

Version 3.72, 5th February 2009

  • Worked around LR2 bug that prevented filtering on the 'Modified' field after importing metadata.

Version 3.71, 1st February 2009

  • Release for the Photographer's Toolbox with serial code unlock.

Version 3.61, 4th January 2009

  • Added a new token that returns the leaf name of the 'most selected' file without its extension.

Version 3.60, 25th November 2008

  • The code that reads CSV files now checks to ensure that the file is encoded in either 7-bit ASCII or UTF-8, thereby assuring that accented characters are correctly imported.
  • Vertical bars ('|') may be used as separators in the CSV file.
  • Added a new 'append' import option that ignors the given prefix if the field being written to is empty.
  • Tokens that are only valid when using LR/Transporter from the Export dialog (such as {exportedPathName} which returns the path of the exported photo) are no longer listed when accessing the plugin from the menu.
  • The extra parameter accepted by some tokens can now itself contain tokens.
  • Added a new token that returns the leaf name of the 'most selected' file.

Version 3.57, 3rd Novmeber 2008

  • Fixed recently introduced problems running under Lightroom 1.4
  • Added new tokens for the width and height of the exported image.
  • Added new tokens for including the contents of another file.
  • The FTP preset is now memorised when creating an export preset that uses LR/Transporter

Version 3.55, 30th October 2008

  • Added new tokens to acces the GPS data in decimal format.
  • Added support for Jeffrey Friedl's new GPS plugin. All GPS tokens now try to access the "Shadow" GPS data from his plug before falling back to the "Real" GPS data
  • Added a token to access the full path of exported files.

Version 3.50, 29th October 2008

  • Added the ability to import metadata from a CSV file (Lightroom 2 only).
  • The metadata changing diaog has undergone a major overhall. It's now possible to modify all the metadata fields, and there's no limit to the number modified.

Version 3.00, 20th October 2008

Version 2.52, 17th October 2008

Version 2.50, 14th October 2008

  • Text annotations containing data and time metadata can now be optionally formatted to the user's specification.
  • Added the possibility to check for new versions and to download and install them automatically (Lightroom 2 only).

Version 2.43, 24th August 2008

  • Fix "Unknown global: value" error.

Version 2.42, 11th July 2008

  • Added new tokens to allow left - {lb} - and right - {rb} - braces to be output.

Version 2.41, 19th June 2008

  • Bug fix - piglets were only being called once.

Version 2.40, 11th April 2008

  • Update for Lightroom 2.0

Version 2.31, 14th March 2008

  • Update for Lightroom 1.4

Version 2.21, 5th February 2008

  • Updated German Translation

Version 2.20, 24th January 2008

  • Added 'exportedName' token

Version 2.10, 23rd January 2008

  • Added some new tokens for sequential numbering and access to the ftp paths
  • Include latest version of Jeffrey Friedl's Piglet Manager
  • Add German translation
  • Update French translation

Version 2.00, 14th January 2007

  • Intergration of Jeffrey Friedl's Piglet Manager
  • Summary files weren't being copied

Version 1.50, 13th January 2007

  • Added option to export menu to export metadata without exporting photos.

Version 1.10, 1.11, 9th January 2007

  • Tokens are now enclosed in single curly brackets rather than double curly brackets.
  • Tokens can now supply a user replacement value in the event that the metadata is missing. For example {aperture,f/?} will be replaced with f/? if the aperture isn't defined in the metadata.
  • The replacement value can itself access metadata! For example, {dateTime,{dateTimeOriginal,{dateTimeDigitized}}} will try very hard to find a date and time.
  • v1.11 fixed a bug that stopped the metadata box from working on the copy path entries.

Version 1.0, 9th January 2007

  • Initial release.

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