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Change Log

Version 1.31, 10th August 2010

  • Fixed a bug whereby the "Choose" button for the destination folder would be pushed out of view when the folder path was too long.
  • Added French translation (thanks to Jean-Paul EBY).

Version 1.30, 26th May 2010

  • Renamed to LR/TreeExporter (instead of LR2/TreeExporter) to avoid the suggestion that the plugin is not compatible with LR3.

Version 1.23, 12th October August 2009

  • Fix problems with the temp folder filling up when exporting to a different volume.

Version 1.22, 1st August 2009

  • German translation by Klaus Bergmann.
  • Small bug fixes.

Version 1.21, 15th August 2009

  • Fix a bug that occurred if you didn't specify the destination folder.

Version 1.20, 6th July 2009

  • Added the ability to create subfolder at the of the hierarchy.

Version 1.10, 3rd July 2009

  • Added a subfolder option as per the standard "Save files to Disk".
  • Rather than selecting the extra portion of the hierarchy to include in the export, you now select the starting folder. The is essentially identical, however it allows your selection to remain valid across multiple export from differing folders.

Version 1.00, 11th June 2009

  • Initial release.

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