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Change Log

Version 1.09, 16th April 2013

  • Added support for GPS Direction metadata field introduced by LR 5 beta.
  • No longer providing automatic updates for LR 2. Users can still manually install these updates if desired, but while they should work they will not have been tested against that version of Lightroom.

Version 1.08, 1st January 2013

  • Default (Extended) tagset now includes DNG lossy compression and DNG fastload data embedded fields (LR4 and above).
  • Self update functionality adjusted to deal with unusual errors during startup.

Version 1.07, 15th November 2012

  • Introduced task focused Video tagsets for working with Lightroom 4's audio and video metadata.
  • Added Find Similar tagset for searching for images having similar metadata values to the current image.
  • Help buttons in Plug-in Manager, and equivalent Help menu items, will now launch Help and F.A.Q. browser links on Mac OS/X.
  • Self update robustness and logging improvements.

Version 1.06, 19th December 2011

  • Various fields added to Extended tagsets to ensure they accurately reflect the tagset they are extending.
  • Updated self-update code to show what has changed since the current version of the plugin.
  • Internal updates in preparation for a future release.

Version 1.05, 2nd March 2011

  • Adds items to the Help Plug-in Extras menu and updates Plug-in Manager details.

Version 1.04, 22nd February 2011

  • Relaunched Metadata Tagsets as TPG Metadata Panels on the Photographer's Toolbox website.
  • Added self updating and registration capabilities to the plugin.
  • Added or updated all tagsets to be task focused and only display relevant metadata for that task.
  • Added Lightroom version awareness. Relevant IPTC Extension fields are added to tagsets for Lightroom 3 users, and version specific tagsets are only shown on compatible systems.
  • Removed SDK documentation tagsets. The Lightroom 3 SDK has improved documentation and includes tagset samples so please use this instead.

Version 20090310.002, 10th March 2009

  • Added Location (with Jeffrey's GPS Metadata), LR: SDK, Miscellaneous Plugin and Undocumented tagsets.

Version 20090223.001, 23rd February 2009

  • Initial public release.

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