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Change Log

Version 1.06, 25th October 2015

  • Workaround for an issue introduced by Lightroom 6.2.

Version 1.05, 24th March 2013

  • Restored some logging disabled in the previous version.
  • Added enhanced plugin logging checkbox to Plug-in Manager dialog.

Version 1.04, 21st March 2013

  • Added ability to create and manage Presets containing commonly used snapshot names.
  • Snapshot creation dialog now clearly shows the expected snapshot count, taking into account incompatible items and the registration limits.
  • Videos are now skipped as they are not compatible with snapshots.
  • Snapshots are now processed in batches to control resource usage when working with a large number of photos.
  • Guidance is now provided on how to lift the snapshot count limit (with "Do not show" option).
  • Revised logging to ensure fewer but more useful messages are logged.
  • New configuration options in Plugin Manager all resetting of "Do not show" options, and all plugin settings.
  • Changed default for "Virtual Copies Only" setting to false (disabled), to help with initial understanding of plugin behaviour
  • Local help for dialog updated to match online help
  • Help buttons in Plug-in Manager, and equivalent Help menu items, will now launch Help and F.A.Q. browser links on Mac OS/X.
  • Self update robustness and logging improvements.
  • Significant internal updates.

Version 1.03, 7th September 2010

  • Relaunched Snapshotter as TPG Snapshotter on the Photographer's Toolbox website.
  • Added self updating and registration capabilities to the plugin.
  • Added 20+ new tokens for use when naming snapshots, and a selection popup menu to simplify finding the token you want.

Version 1.02, 30th August 2010

  • Private beta test.

Version 20100610.001, 10th June 2010

  • Initial public release.

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