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Web Site Publishing Pro plugins are installed using Lightroom's plugin manager. The plugin will be distributed as a zip file, and once you've unzipped it you should have a plugin folder named, for example, "ImpactPro.lrplugin" (the actual name will depend upon the plugin).

On a Mac this plugin will look like a single file and have a nice icon.

On a PC the plugin will be a folder containing lots of files — the folder itself is the plugin. You should make sure that the plugin folder hasn't been unzipped into a parent folder with the same name — if this happens, you must point to the child folder when using the Lightroom plugin manager (below).

The plugin is installed via the Lightroom plugin manager.

  1. Move the Impact.lrplugin folder to a convenient location of your own choosing. Lightroom will reference it wherever you decide to put it, so choose somewhere safe where it won't be accidentally moved.
  2. Open Lightroom's plugin manager from the File menu.
  3. Click the "Add" button.
  4. Browse to the plugin and click "OK" on a Mac or "Done" on a PC.