Keyboard Tamer

We’ve just released another new plugin – Keyboard Tamer.

Keyboard Tamer is a plugin for Lightroom 3 that allows you to redefine most of Lightroom’s keyboard shortcuts, and to create new shortcuts for functions that don’t yet have them.

This plugin will be invaluable for those who wish to streamline their workflow and make Lightroom work for them.

It’s also a must for those who use Lightroom in a language that’s different to the expected one for their keyboard layout. For example, those who run Lightroom in English on a machine with a non-U.S. keyboard will normally find that many of the shortcuts are inaccessible – with this plugin they can be redefined.

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3 Responses to Keyboard Tamer

  1. Svarteld says:

    Thank god! So sweet! No more Soong this in the OS and custom keyboard setups.

  2. Svarteld says:

    Oops, should be “setting”

  3. Willy Foo says:

    Should include menu items for Temp and Tint as well… otherwise great job!