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LR Backup

You’ve invested a lot of time perfecting your photos and setting up Lightroom to suit the way you work. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow to discover your hard drive had crashed and you had lost all … Continue reading

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Keyboard Tamer

We’ve just released another new plugin – Keyboard Tamer. Keyboard Tamer is a plugin for Lightroom 3 that allows you to redefine most of Lightroom’s keyboard shortcuts, and to create new shortcuts for functions that don’t yet have them. This … Continue reading

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LR/Mogrify 2 v4.00 released

We’ve released version 4.00 of LR2/Mogrify. It adds a few things that people have been asking for: There’s a new “Canvas” section for placing the (resized) image onto a fixed size canvas. Useful when images have to have a fixed … Continue reading

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Get creative with LR/Mogrify v3 – Inner borders now supported

We’ve seen people produce some fairly impressive effects using our LR2/Mogrify plugin for Lightroom 2 and a little imagination. The latest incarnation of this plugin should allow you even more freedom to experiment with your creativity.  Until now you’ve only been … Continue reading

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Finding images listed in a text file using LR/Transporter

Victoria Bampton recently came to us with a problem facing a number of Lightroom users. It seems that many online ordering cart systems will provide a text file with a list of the files that the customer has chosen. Particularly … Continue reading

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Exporting a folder hierarchy from Lightroom – LR/TreeExporter released

Those of you who have long wished to be able to export files from Lightroom while preserving the folder hierarchy (or tree) can now rejoice! We’ve just released a new plug-in, LR/TreeExporter, that does exactly this.

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A nice watermarking technique using LR/Mogrify 2

With a little bit of thought LR/Mogrify 2 can be used to easily add all sorts of watermark effects to your images as they are exported from Lightroom 21. For example, Ryan Rowell uses this plugin to produce a very … Continue reading

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