LR/Mogrify 2 & Lightroom 3

We thought it would be useful to look at how LR/Mogrify 2 can complement Lightroom 3′s new built-in watermarking features.

It’s great that Lightroom now includes proper watermarking as part of its feature set, and since it’s built right into Lightroom it benefits from a pleasant user interface and full integration with the print, web and slideshow modules.

Nevertheless, there are lots of users who continue to use LR/Mogrify 2 for its powerful host of complementary features.   Here’s are some things that you can do using LR/Mogrify 2 that you can’t do with Lightroom 3 alone:

  • Add multiple text annotations and graphical watermarks at the same time.
  • Include image metadata (such as title, copyright, exposure information, etc.) in your text.
  • Add graphical watermarks at their original sizes – Lightroom 3 always scales your watermarks.  LR/Mogrify 2 also offers scaling options, however if you’ve produced a precisely scaled watermarked that you always wish to use at a specific size, or if you wish to have the watermark be the same size across a series of images that vary in width or height then you’ll want to specific a fixed watermark size.
  • Add any number of borders to the outsides of your images
  • Add number of semi-transparent borders to the insides of your images
  • Place text annotations and graphics within these borders
  • Export images at an exact width and height without cropping by adding borders  to the edges as required.

Here are some examples.  We love to see how people use LR/Mogrify 2 creatively so please let us see what you’re up to.

Example of LR/Mogrify 2

3 outer borders, text annotation with metadata in the border, fixed size graphical watermark.

Opaque white inner-border, translucent black inner-border, text with metadata inside this border running up right hand side and centered watermark.

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8 Responses to LR/Mogrify 2 & Lightroom 3

  1. Jonathan says:

    Is there a bug with your plug-ins and LR3 where it wont ever take the update? I can go into Plug-In manager and every time it tells me there is an update. I apply it and restart LR. Go in there again and it says another update. Endless cycle.

    • PhoBox says:


      Following the renaming of some of our plugins there have been some self update issues. To solve the problem:

      1) Open the plugin manager and click on the plugin
      2) Click “Show in Finder/Explorer” to find the physical location of the plugin
      3) Remove the plugin from the manager
      4) Delete it from the harddrive (the folder containing it was opened in step 2 above)
      5) Download it again and reinstall

      Your settings shouldn’t be lost.

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  3. Kenneth says:

    Hi, and thanks for this cool tool! I’ve been trying to find a way to make this workflow possible without a lot of extra steps and organization. Can you suggest whether I could get this to work using Mogrify 2 and LR3?

    * For each photo, user can choose whether to have the watermark in the bottom left or bottom right corner, and also choose whether to use the all-black or all-white version of the watermark (depending on the image content).

    Thanks for any insights!

  4. Kenneth says:

    Another way to think about my problem is to ask whether it’s possible to create 4 separate “presets” for exporting with watermarks. The four presets I would want to be able to arbitrarily apply to photos is “Black watermark on bottom left,” “White watermark on bottom left,” “Black watermark on bottom right,” and “White watermark on bottom right.” Of course, if there is a solution for essentially 4 different watermark presets, then a user could probably create many more as needed!

  5. Joe Colson says:

    I posted a tutorial on my website for using Lightroom and LR/Mogrify 2 to add EXIF data to an image prepared for the Web:

    This tutorial is an update to an earlier post I posted in 2009.

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