We’ve just released a new plugin from John Beardsworth – Syncomatic.

Syncomatic is a useful Lightroom 3 plug-in that can be used to synchronise metadata between pairs of files whose names are identical but where the file types differ.

For example, imagine you have a large number of raw files in Lightroom and have added lots of different keywords, titles, ratings and other metadata. Also in Lightroom are the JPEGs which you have created from these raw files, so there’s a 1234.jpg as well as a 1234.raw, a 6789.jpg and a 6789.raw, and so on.

But for some reason the JPEGs don’t have any metadata, or it’s not up-to-date. Syncomatic simply runs through the two groups of pictures and makes the metadata of 1234.jpg the same as 1234.raw, makes 6789.jpg match 6789.raw…..

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  1. Mark Kenny says:

    Great piece of software. Very convenient for getting ratings from CaptureOne or when clients gone through JPGs to make selects and you want to match up to the high res’ or RAWs.

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