Uusheimo Photography creates a great Impact WSPP site

Uusheimo Photography have created a new web site using out Impact WSPP plugin.

It’s a great design and really shows off what can be done with a little thought.

We’d love to see examples of other site produced using our WSPP plugins – let us know…

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3 Responses to Uusheimo Photography creates a great Impact WSPP site

  1. MOREAU says:

    How could I do the same, on the home page, with WSPP, with dynamic pictures. I would also have to scroll pictures.
    Thank you.

    • PhoBox says:


      Currently Impact WSPP doesn’t offer a built in home page slideshow feature. On the site in question the slideshow images were uploaded to the server by hand, and a slideshow scripts (the one discussed in this thread) was added to the page content.

      Obviously this is quite advanced for many users.


  2. Simon Davey says:

    Uushiemo have indeed created a superb site, once I have my head around markup, I hope to improve my little offering.
    Although, after only two evenings work I’m quite pleased with the result.
    My previous site ( simondavey.co.uk), which is quite “pretty” was built entirely with Freeway pro, but of course, I can’t publish and update galleries directly from Lightroom.
    Well done Timothy, well worth the £30.
    Things that would be “nice”.
    A little more page control in non-gallery pages (widths and text placings etc).
    Also, a slideshow from a contact sheet style gallery would be awesome.
    Please don’t let my suggestions above detract from excellence of the ImpactWSPP plugin though, many, many thanks, a true labour saving plugin.