WSPP updates

Happy new year to all!

We’re starting the new year with some small but nice updates to our WSPP plugins:

  • You can now choose to use the main gallery index page as the starting page for your site.
  • There are now various options for positionning the thumbnails on the gallery index pages.
  • Adding a border around the gallery index boxes when they are touching now looks correct (no more doubled up borders).  Lots of you have been asking for this.
  • The number of options displayed in one go when designing your page has been significantly reduced. Instead, options for many pages types (gallery index, contact page, gallery…) are only displayed when viewing the page in question. This makes it a lot easier find the option your looking for, and paves the way for upcoming features that would have otherwise overwhelmed the panal rail.
  • Menu options can now have separators between them when the menu is horizontal.
  • All the tick boxes for adding outlines to various elements have been removed – instead you should now set the border width to zero.  You may need to update your user templates to removed unexpected borders – sorry about that.

Have fun!

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