Big update to our WSPP plugins: bad news, good news and fabulous news…

We’re thrilled to announce a big update to our WSPP plug-ins, but first let’s get the bad news out the way:

  • The Bad News: The promotional offer period is now over.
  • The Good News: The price is only going up by £5 to £25, so the WSPP plugins still represent exceptional value for money compared to the nearest equivalent1 (although really, there is no true equivalent to WSPP’s unique approache to web site creation).
  • The Fabulous News: You now get a contact sheet view too….

The Contact Sheet view

The new contact sheet view

Until now the WSPP series has been fine tuned to display your portfolio images in their best light thanks to a beautiful presentation.

With the latest release we starting to address the needs of your clients.  The new contact sheet view can be applied on a per gallery basis, and is designed to be used on the galleries in your client area.  The images are displayed in a very nice grid view, and there are options to allow the user to download images and to display geographical information via Google Maps.

By default the shape of the grid changes dynamically to fit the window size whilst still remaining centered for the best aesthetics – this was technically very challenging and to the best of our knowledge this is the first time this has been achieved successfully across different browsers.

We’ve updated our client area demonstration gallery to use the new contact sheet view. Visit the client gallery to see it in action (username and password are both “client1″.

This release is a free upgrade for existing users.

  1. Which I calculate to be £80 by the time you’ve bought all the different components!! []
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