Get creative with LR/Mogrify v3 – Inner borders now supported

We’ve seen people produce some fairly impressive effects using our LR2/Mogrify plugin for Lightroom 2 and a little imagination.

The latest incarnation of this plugin should allow you even more freedom to experiment with your creativity.  Until now you’ve only been able to add borders to the outside of your images, but with version 3.00 you can now add borders to the inside too.  By playing with the opacity of each border you can produce some great effects.

Here are a couple of examples.  The text annoations have been added with the plugin too, of course.

Top and bottom inner borders with text annotation


Happy Mogrifying!

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16 Responses to Get creative with LR/Mogrify v3 – Inner borders now supported

  1. Aaaahh! Very cool indeed. Thanks for all you do Tim.

    Can’t wait to try it out :D

  2. Ruud says:

    I love it! Thanks, Tim.
    Will install it right away.

  3. Jim says:


    You plugin rocks! I’d been searching far and wide for an easy way to add branding to photos used in blog posts. LR2/Mogrify fits the bill wonderfully. I can’t wait to play around with v3 tonight. One thing that would be cool is if the tool could add stroke and/or drop shadows to text. Just a wish list.


  4. Peter says:


    Thanks for continuing to provide us with great LR plugins!


  5. Volker Hopf says:

    I installed version 3 and get now an error message and cannot work:
    Cannot load toolkit script: LRlib_trapper

  6. Amber says:

    wow! That looks fun. I’ll have to try it out!

  7. PN says:


    now that I’ve updated, I’ve some issues with outer borders.
    Log says (in French, sorry):

    Plug-in error log for plug-in at: D:\Divers\LR2Mogrify.lrplugin

    **** Error 1

    Le module externe a rencontré une erreur interne lors de l’ouverture de la boîte de dialogue d’exportation.
    ./LRMogrifyBorderSection.lua:222: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)

    (basically: external module encounter internal error when opening export dialog box).

    I removed my LR2Mogrify.lrplugin directory and replaced it with a fresh installed, and I restarted LR, without success :( .
    Any idea ?

  8. Mischa says:

    Hi Tim,

    This is really amazing, I really like the 2nd picture!

    I’m using LR(2)/Mogrify for over a year now and it made my life so much easier (together with the Picasa export plugin)!

    Now I’m off to redesign my watermark…!

  9. Denis Pagé says:

    Lightroom 2.4 bug or LR2/Mogrify v3.11 bug? Don’t know but…

    I tested with Lightroom 2.4 32/64 English, German and French on Mac OS 10.5.7 (6 combinations).

    If Lightroom is in 64 bits mode, all is well. But when Lightroom is set to 32 bits, clicking the color picker in either inner or outer borders settings, Lightroom just quit!

  10. Thierry A says:

    Same problem as PN.
    I might add it did this only with one of my export profiles (one with outer borders) and ONLY when I export the pics using the right click on a picture.
    If I go through library export button, the same profile works… VERY strange.
    The problem went away when I deleted the export profile and rebuilt it from scratch.
    Might have been because the said profile had been buit for an older version of the plugin ?

  11. Denis Pagé says:

    Regarding crash with color picker under 32 bits Lightroom, I just found your explanation about the ColorMunki incompatibilities in your FAQ about LR2/Mogrify… Thanks.

  12. marc says:

    LR2/Mogrify is such a little gem. I can’t get the watermark feature to work unfortunately but the new borders are so nice and handy. I’d love to see a “real-time” version that would allow preview to facilitate tweaking the borders.

  13. chrissy says:

    Hello Tim, a message came up on my Lightroom to download lightroom 2 mogrify, I did, and next export told me that L2 Mogrify would only export 10 files at a time, having gone to the help menu and looked all this up it seems it is not a lightroom product but looks good. However what is going on as now I can’t seem to export more than 10 files at at time! Should I still have L2 Mogrify and if so where do I find it! I tried to access the tutorial and it says the page is not longer available. Am I being thick!? Many thanks Chrissy

    • Hi,

      A couple of people have had this, it seems to be a side effect of my preparations for Lightroom 3.

      Just pop your registration code back in the plugin manager and you’ll be back up and running.


  14. a says:

    your bicycle study is exquisite. hats off.