LR/GMail – Send your images via GMail directly from Lightroom 2

smalllr2gmailWe’ve just released the latest Lightroom 2 plug-in by Timothy Armes - LR/GMail.

This export plug-in will send exported images by email using your GMail account.

As an extra nicety, the addresses in your “My Contacts” group are downloaded from your Google account so that they can be offered automatically as you type into the To, Cc and Bcc fields.

The plug-in also tracks to whom you’ve send each photo, which may prove useful to your workflow.

There’s one caveat: the plug-in needs to connect to Google’s SMTP server to send emails, and this may not be possible if you’re behind a company firewall that prevents connections to SMTP servers.   You shouldn’t generally have any issues with personal firewalls though.

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12 Responses to LR/GMail – Send your images via GMail directly from Lightroom 2

  1. Balaji Dutt says:

    Hi Tim,

    This is so much better than the stock “send by email” within LR. I especially like the ability to track recipients of a photo.

    One request – would it be possible to build support for Google Apps email? It supports SMTP as well – the only difference being the SMTP server names are different.

  2. Balaji Dutt says:

    Hi Tim,

    It doesn’t give any errors but the autocompletion doesn’t seem to work and whenever I type a character into the To field, I see the following message:

    “Unable to Export: Prevention of unintended Export”

  3. Balaji Dutt says:

    Hi Tim,

    I’m able to log in successfully using the Google Apps account, but when I type an address into the “To” field I see the following:

    1. No auto-completion of contacts
    2. An error message at the bottom “Preventing unintended sending of email” (approx. error message – I’m at work now and without access to LR)

  4. Michael says:

    Nice plug in, helps a bunch. Is there anyway to select a several photos and run the export and have each photo go individually automatically?

    Right now, I have to export each photo one at a time individually, if I select all, it tries to attach them all to one email.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. ToddM says:

    Is there a way to use LR2 tokens in the subject and message fields to send metadata info? Example: Send the caption of the photo as the message of the email.


  6. Mike Myers says:

    I’ve installed the plug in – now that it’s in place, how do I use it? Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager says it’s “installed and running”, but when I go to File > Export there’s no listing for this new application. Am I just missing something here, or do I need to do additional steps to get it installed?


  7. Mike Myers says:

    Thanks; I never noticed that. Also, no, while I was looking for it, I never found that there was a quick guide.

    By the way, the dialog says the width and height will both be 640. Didn’t you mean the maximum for the largest value would be 640?

    It works very nicely – better than what I used to do. It’s a nice touch that you can add the copyright notice!!

  8. Gavin says:

    Nice plug in, I have just installed and tested it. Additional help to my work flow. Is there anyway to insert images into a message body rather then sending as an attachments?

    Thanks in Advance.

  9. Jeff says:

    anyone having trouble with LR/gmail and windows 8. I get a 501 5.5.2 cannot decode response message