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Keyboard Tamer – a GREAT tool for Mac Users

Hot on the heals of version 2.00 of Keyboard Tamer I’ve just released version 2.11 which adds support for adjusting the development sliders for images under Process Version 2012. I have to thank Peter Karlsson from Svarteld for driving the … Continue reading

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Keyboard Tamer updated for Lightroom 4

Some of you have pointed out that Keyboard Tamer wasn’t working under LR3. You’re right, that slipped me by! Sorry about that. I’ve just released an update to address LR 4 compatibility. Notice that you’ll now either be asked for your … Continue reading

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Lightroom 4 and our plugins

Lightroom 4 is out! And not only, that, the price has been cut significantly….. All of our plugins should continue to work perfectly under LR4. If you discover any issues that we missed then please let us know and we’ll … Continue reading

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Web galleries, Lightroom 4 & a bit of publicity…

Many of you have noticed that some of my web galleries have stopped working properly under Lightroom 4. In particular, the WSPP galleries had a number of problems when being viewed in the web module. Of course, there was no … Continue reading

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A beautiful website created with Impact WSPP

Franck Hamel has created an absolutely stunning web site using Impact WSPP. Beautiful site and magnificent photography – bravo Franck!

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José Fernandez does Star Trails too

We recently posted some of José Fernandez’s beautiful landscape images that were created using LR/Enfuse. Now José’s sent us a couple of stunning Enfused star trails too.

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Need to time your shoot? Perfect Timers could be the solution

Ever needed to time a shoot?  If you’ve got your iPad at hand then Perfect Timers could be the ideal solution. Okay, I’ll admit that the link to photographic tools may be tenuous, but Perfect Timers is my first iOS … Continue reading

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Want to upload to your TypePad account? We’ve got you covered.

I’m excited to announce the release of version 2.00 of LR/Blog. LR/Blog now lets you upload to, and create blog posts on your TypePad account. With this addition LR/Blog now officially supports: TypePad Blogger WordPress The NextGEN gallery for WordPress … Continue reading

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Need an invoice?

We occasionally get requests for invoices for the plugins that you buy (or donate towards).  Last week silently introduced the ability to get your invoice delivered to you automatically. Fortunately we hadn’t made a big song and dance about this, … Continue reading

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LR/Blog – Now you can post directly to your NextGEN gallery

Many of you use LR/Blog to post your images directly to your WordPress blog and today I’m excited to announce that I’ve taken the plugin even further by adding support the excellent NextGEN Gallery for WordPress. NextGEN Gallery gives WordPress users … Continue reading

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