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LR/Enfuse for landscapes

Photographer José Fernández recently contacted the Toolbox to show us the results of his work using LR/Enfuse to blend multiple exposures. These landscape images are spectacular and we’re only too happy to share them with you. Click the images to see them … Continue reading

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Impact gets Captions

With Impact WSPP you’ve been able to add captions to your web site for a while now, and I promised that this feature would be added to the standard version of Impact too. I’ve finally had a change to make … Continue reading

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Tuto sur WSPP en français

Jean Claude VALLOT a enregistré une serie de didacticiels video, en français, sur l’utilisation des plugins WSPP (Impact et Filmstrip).  C’est un travail impressionnant, qui sera particulièrement utile pour les utilisateurs francophones. For the curious English speakers: Jean Claude Vallot … Continue reading

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PLUS for Lightroom Updated

Perhaps the most important plugin that I offer to professional photographers who license their images is PLUS for Lightroom. PLUS refers to both an XMP-based metadata standard for embedding licensing information directly into images, and to the large international consortium of … Continue reading

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Snitch Sync – Improving your ShutterSnitch to Lightroom workflow

We’ve just released a handy plugin for those of you that use ShutterSnitch to wireless send images to your iPad. ShutterSnitch allows users to rate their images on the iPad, and our Snitch Sync plug-in will allow you to synchronise this information … Continue reading

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Uusheimo Photography creates a great Impact WSPP site

Uusheimo Photography have created a new web site using out Impact WSPP plugin. It’s a great design and really shows off what can be done with a little thought. We’d love to see examples of other site produced using our … Continue reading

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Big update to our WSPP plugins: bad news, good news and fabulous news…

We’re thrilled to announce a big update to our WSPP plug-ins, but first let’s get the bad news out the way: The Bad News: The promotional offer period is now over. The Good News: The price is only going up … Continue reading

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WSPP updates

Happy new year to all! We’re starting the new year with some small but nice updates to our WSPP plugins: You can now choose to use the main gallery index page as the starting page for your site. There are … Continue reading

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Impact WSPP gets captions and matting

You’ve been asking for two things.  Lots.  And lots.  Now you’ve got them…. With Impact WSPP 1.20 you can now overlay captions onto your images.  You can also specify a fixed size “matting” to go around the image.  If you … Continue reading

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